How Many Times to use a Keyword and Which Ones Will Drive the most Customers to your Website?

The Content Development Process

This is an interesting development and a question that has been asked a lot over the life span of SEO content development. In the beginning it was more of a black and white answer. You use a keyword as many times as you can. Now with the latest developments of Google semantics (meaning search engines are now taking into account content in general, identifying and disqualifying lower-quality content).

You do not need to even contain the key word at all anymore really. I know of hundreds of first place websites for key words that are tough, which don’t even have the key word on their page. Obviously I’m not advising that strategy, I mention it only to illustrate this major shift in the content development process.

So basically it all means that you should be focusing on general issues rather than individualised key words. For those who have your primary keyword in your mind this is not a bad thing to do and remains a highly effective practice.

What I am saying is simply make sure you do not focus on only attempting to contain the keyword specific. Rather compose excellent content generally around your keywords and write for humans not the search engines. In this regard I think content writing has become easier and far less confusing to produce which is better for all of us.


“That perfect mix of copy content to keyword ratio can also be specific to the type of industry and competition level”


Here is a quick run down of what Cronk Media do and enjoy heaps of success with:

a) We use a precise match for the keyword in my H1 title tags. Usually we will try and put the keyword somewhere in the middle, not at the beginning. See above in this article for an example, you will notice the keyword “content development” toward the end rather than the beginning.

b) In the Meta description we will usually also exact match a primary key word but will also try to work in a powerful related keyword. Again we try to work the exact match into the middle of my description.

d) With regard to H2 and H3 tags though out the article, we will again make use of the related keywords. For example above in the H2 tag (bolded), I have used a powerful variation of the primary  key word content development, that being “copy content”. But you could also mention variations of your main keywords something like ‘content writing’ or ‘writing for SEO’ to lists a couple of examples.

In conclusion, this is what is working at the moment for Cronk Media and our clients. We are getting consistent results using this keyword search engine marketing strategy.

Your SEO campaign requires the creation of great content. It must be unique, what the people are searching and motivates an action (sale). Cronk Media puts extensive work into this area.  We target the end user first, as this is what the search engines are rewarding websites for.

If you want to understand more about writing for SEO, do yourself a favour and check out the video below by the world renowned content marketing guru Neil Patel.