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Search Engine Optimisation for Small Business

Small business search engine optimisation is no longer a debate, with the facts speaking for themselves. Online marketing is here to stay and it has never been more competitve. Search engine optimisation gives your business the best chance of staying ahead of the curve.

Who would have imagined the internet to move quite so fast. Google is still only 21 years old.  Yet here we are talking about how voice searches will be the preferred search method in 2020.

In a nutshell, SEO is battle. It is an all encompassing plan of attack online.  In business today you absolutely need a dedicated seo specialist if you are to be competitive now and in the future.

Small Business SEO Statistics

Whether your focus is on web development, social media, content marketing, video marketing or lead generation, it’s all about an investment in your online future and increasing revenue. Your business success absolutely relies on getting found by the search engines. This is why our aim is be your overall online marketing growth partner, not just another agency.

Small business search engine optimisation has never been more important

  Google makes up 79% of all global searches

  The “near me’ search term has increased by 50% over the past year

  Quality content and link building remain the 2 most important factors Google uses to rank your website

  Nearly 80% of all online users ignore paid ads

⟲  46% of Google searches are now local

⟲  50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020

SEO should translate to more enquiries to your business. If this is not the case then you are not getting the results you deserve for your investment. Contact Cronk Media on 1300 186 262 and lets have a chat about your current arrangement and what we can do to increase your enquiries.

Increase Your Revenue with SEO

Cronk Media are Brisbane based and ready to have a chat about your online goals. 1300 186 262 to arrange a sit down. We tailor solutions to match your business.

The cornerstone of Search Engine Optimization

This is an automated system that provides answers from search queries lodged by users. It is a series of complex programs that rank websites and determine which ones to display on top search results. Google’s algorithm sends out bots or crawlers to scan through the hundreds of millions of sites on the internet. 

First They Have To Find You 

If the searches engines can not find you in their index, none of all the other work matters. This step is paramount to the future success of your business online. We configure your website in a way so that the internet robots can easily crawl your site and add it to their indexes (rankings). 

We have access to some extremely useful tools which highlight invaluable information on the competition. From these statistics we are able to formulate data driven seo campaigns for our clients. Our expertise lies in interpreting this information and implementing it. We put hard work into the right areas of your site, so you see the maximum return on your investment.

If they can’t crawl your site, it will never rank

We build our websites with ranking in mind. Designed SEO ready, we structure our sites for search engines to crawl and humans to read. Websites are mobile friendly, with internal linking, page speed considerations, content clusters and an industry specific keyword strategy. Every website we create is crafted from scratch for perfect brand integration.

This is an important step with relation to driving more traffic through search engine optimsation and rankings. Social accounts have their own visitors, which can be leveraged over time. More importantly, they are sites with good authority online. Creating relationships with sites that enjoy good domain authority (da) and page authority (pa), will influence your postion in the searches. An all encompassing small business seo campaign must include social. 

Get Better Results

Your SEO company in Brisbane should be raising your visibility online, causing the phone to ring. If this is not the case, we can help.

Know what your potential customers are trying to find

Your SEO campaign requires the creation of great content. It must be unique, what the people are searching and motivates an action (sale). Cronk Media puts extensive work into this area.  We target the end user first, as this is what the search engines are rewarding websites for. 

Search Engine Optimisation Variable Pricing Explained

Pricing startsfrom $699 per month. Because the value of a lead and the competitivness of the market is unique to each business niche, pricing is very much niche dependant. For most businesses SEO is the highest ROI marketing effort, returning up to 10x their investment.

Know the facts before making a decision for your business

A marketing budget is amongst the most important financial considerations of growing and keeping your business viable. The evolving power of the web has created a shift in marketing budget strategies. The decline of print media is apparent. Yellow pages printing it’s final copies this year. 

Skyrocket your enquiries in 2020 with Organic SEO

Why Cronk Media

Quality SEO is what the company has been built upon and it will never be compromised. Quality and assurance of success is designed into every campaign we design at Cronk Media.

About Us

The company started in 2009, but its growth was clearly accelerated as a result of client successes. A winning formula of skill and communication that real business owners can understand has been our advantage.

Our Vision

We intend to be not only a leading SEO agency and supplier of digital marketing, but also well respected for our technical expertise, quality of work, value for money, and ROI to our clients.

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