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search engine optimisation for small business

Small business search engine optimisation is no longer a conversation. The facts speak for themselves. This is why it is so important that your business stays ahead of the curve. The last thing you want is your competitor getting the jump on you. These days you absolutely need a dedicated seo specialist if you are to be competitive now and in the future.

Whether your focus is on web development, social media, content marketing, video marketing or lead generation, it’s all about increasing revenue. Your business success relies on getting found by the search engines. That is why small business search engine optimisation has never been more important.

A Local SEO Company in Brisbane

Search engine optimisation that increases revenue

Cronk Media uses strategies that have been proven over many years to consistently deliver clients results. With the introduction of Google updates like penguin and panda, it became much more difficult to cheat the system. SEO has moved away from simple search manipulation tricks, into a true marketing art form. Cronk Media combines content creation and structuring, with promotion and branding.

Search engine optimisation for small business is an all encompassing marketing strategy. It is no longer just the optimisation of a website and its related accounts. SEO has become the umbrella for all things digital marketing. Everything we do has been planned out in advance to improve your visibility in the search engines.

The formula of having a website built with a consideration of doing seo in the future is now extinct. We will build you an engaging web presence coupled with a sound seo strategy

Capitalise on your business opportunities with local SEO

Google gave small business a helping hand back in 2014, when they released the first version of their pigeon update. This update made it possible for local businesses to compete with national brands; which up until then was near impossible.

Local SEO is a major search weapon for your business online. They are putting more and more work into location searches everyday. Google My Business is a listing that no business can afford to not optimise these days, least of all be without. Cronk Media specialise in building brand locally.

search engine optimisation for small business