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Address: 1b/ 47 Park Road Milton Brisbane 4064 (appointment only)

Phone: 1300 186 262


There is no talking to annoying machines at Cronk Media. Reach out to us and we will happily answer your questions.

Our customer support, website services and seo services are among the best in the industry. If a website build or SEO solution doesn’t already exist, we will create one for you.

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“Being a small player in the big market of construction we thought that our business would not really prosper from on-line marketing, feeling we were more a word of mouth or when they see what we do they will want to use us. Cronk Media has shown us otherwise.

Our website was once just a quick blurb about what we do but we didn’t stand out and we were certainly not on page one for any key word searches. Dave and his team have re-designed our website to show people what we do and with their dedication to our Social Media and on-line marketing presence we are getting traffic that results in not only business but repeat business we would not have seen before.

Without Cronk Media our website would still be hiding among the others not where it is today, at Number One”.

Jacqui Little – Little Boring Pty Ltd