SEO Services vs Print Ads | You May Be Surprised

The Necessary Shift to SEO Services vs Print

A marketing budget is amongst the most important financial considerations of growing and keeping your business viable.

The evolving power of the web has created a shift in marketing budget strategies. The decline of print media is apparent. Yellow pages printing it’s final copies this year and the global drop in newspaper circulation. businesses are making the shift. It is essential that the percentage spend is allocated to develop growth in business. That growth area is online.

Print to SEO

Yellow pages was a critical spend for white- and blue-collar business. The delivery each year was time for celebration. The average cost for a Full-page advertisement is $2,500 to $5,000 a month. Equating to $30,00 to $60,000 a year. With a one-off annual delivery, it was often a long wait for your advertisement to be in front of your potential customer. I haven’t seen or read a Yellow Pages in years.

Often an advertisement in the city newspaper accompanied the Yellow Pages budget. The cost of a Full-page spread is $21,479, with an 8th page costing $2,684. According to Newscorp this ‘spend’ reaches 307,000 readers a week.

SEO Services vs Print Ads | The Spend $

So, what is the direction for marketing budgets in 2019?


Website traffic causes phones to ring. With around 6.8 Billion searches on the web per day your business will be seen. A successful Organic Traffic campaign takes perseverance and patience. Employing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist will promote a steady flow of visitors to your site.

I admit running a print ad is easier, less effort and not as over whelming. But it is also far more expensive with a 20th of the reach. Print also has a near “zero investment value” for the future exposure of your product/service. Branding it is ok, but can you afford to spend that much for just branding? Print advertisments end, search results do not! With that in mind let’s take a look at some costs.

The impact of your ‘spend’ on a single print advertisement, pales in comparison to the Search Engine Optimisation of your business website. Invest in the future. Consider this the next time you are weighing up seo services vs print ads.

“The most powerful warriors are patience and time”. Leo Tolstoy

MediaExposureApprox. Cost
Yellow PagesCity SpecificFull page$60,000 per year
Newspaper307,000 Per WeekFull page$21,500 one off
BillboardsLocation Specific6x3m single location$36,000 per year
SEO  ServicesWorldwide 6.8BKeyword Optimisation$12,000 per year


The web is hugely powerful. Your business website is powerful. Directing traffic to your website is less costly than other forms of advertising. The initial patience and time is worth the results.