Make Money Building Websites


Building  websites in the past was confusing and often not very profitable, but lately is has become a lot simpler. Among the advantages is that websites can be launched with almost no start-up capital. Usually, all that is required is a domain name and hosting account. Which can be bought for around $100 per year.

Of course with anything, some basic web building knowledge is very advantageous but not a road block to the hard worker. Our professional website design services are available to businesses also.


Make money building websites | Which way should you go?


A lesser-known business model is the selling and the building of these sites to portfolio investors. Many web site builders prefer to sell their websites and utilise that cash injection to construct teams. This is a different model of course from the building of affiliate sites and earning money directing from the site, rather than from its outright sale. Both are great ways on how to make money building websites.


Here are ten ideas that will help you get started, whether or not you know your particular business model or not yet:


1. Market choice (and keyword research) is essential.

Do not trouble yourself with targeting a wide business field. Instead, target a subset of that business field or a “market”. The less competitive a field is, the faster your exposure and subsequent income/ return on investment will be.

2. WordPress makes building sites simple.


3. Begin with uncomplicated monetisation strategies.


4. Money-making sites are better, although beginner sites are fine.

Before they are even bringing money in it’s possible for you to sell unproven websites (beginner sites). The benefit in this fact is that you will not have to wait for the website to grow to the stage that you are making money.


5. Make it look Great!

Does it seem like it was constructed with a template hundreds of other websites are built on? Not too amazing. Make it look like a custom web design and brand specific.


6. Everyone makes errors on their very first few websites. Don’t be put off if you fail a few times, we have all been there.


7. Plan a simple transition for the brand new buyer when selling your beginner sites. This will get good word of mouth, nothing worse then a messy handover.

A portfolio investor/buyer may simply value the website through a multiple of it’s profit. However a strategic investor could have a lot more to get through your users, traffic, etc. If they are in a competitive or similar business, they could be prepared to purchase your website for a premium price.


9. Until the deal is finished, continue to run the website.

Continue to run the website like it was being kept by you until the deal has been completely concluded.


10. Don’t be afraid to get some help in the beginning.

There is a modest but fast growing sector of website sellers, buyers, and investors doing millions of dollars in transactions monthly. The best means to learning how to make money building websites in this ever evolving business sector is simply to begin!