SEO Company Brisbane | Google’s Algorithm and Your Website

A good SEO company Brisbane can help your business grow online. Have you ever tried to do an online search on a subject that revolves around your core business? Did your site rank on the first result page or did you have to dig a little deeper to access it? While the latter can be disappointing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a lousy website. The problem could be that you are missing something valuable that Google’s algorithm is looking for.

Still, Google’s indexing algorithm continues to puzzle business owners, especially because it keeps updating it constantly. This makes it incredibly hard for most businesses to become accustomed to the changes as they happen. Fortunately, Cronk Media, an SEO company Brisbane, is highly equipped to help companies establish favourable SEO strategies. These strategies are specifically tailored to meet Google’s new standards.

What is Google’s Algorithm?

This is an automated system that provides answers from search queries lodged by users. It is a series of complex programs that rank websites and determine which ones to display on top search results.

Google’s algorithm sends out bots or crawlers to scan through the hundreds of millions of sites on the internet. They analyse them and their content to provide users with results in a matter of seconds. The goal of Google’s algorithms is to give every single user who launches a search with an ordered list of the most relevant websites. This then enables them to get the exact answers they are searching for.

How does Google Algorithm index your information?

Google’s algorithm uses language models to understand the intention of your words based on the context and location. It navigates web pages through links, copies the pages and sends them to Google’s servers. Google then disregards pages with invaluable content. It also ignores pages with either duplicates an existing page or offers little to no value for users.

How Google ranks web pages | SEO Company Brisbane

Once Google has indexed your content, it lists it on search engines. This is an essential aspect of SEO as it ensures your page is visible to your target audience. Thus boosting your profitability. There are specific metrics that Google uses to rank web pages. It uses these factors to evaluate a website’s quality and authority. Essentially Google is looking for the overall best value to return to its users. While Google keeps updating its algorithm, there are certain aspects that they look at to rank websites. A good SEO Company Brisbane can help you target some of these;

• Quality content
• Engaging content
• Number of quality websites linking to your site
• Publication date
• Location of business
• The amount of time people spend on the website
• Usability and general technical competency
• High page speed

The presence of keywords is another important metric that Google takes into consideration when ranking pages. Keywords suggest the subject of your content. This however, does not mean that you stuff your content with multiple keywords. Google ranks pages that use their keywords optimally, ethically and sincerely. It punishes those who stuff keywords and use them unethically.


How to use SEO to boost your ranking on SERPs

SEO provides one of the most effective ways to rank on SERPs. There are some methods you can adapt to have your page rank for search terms that are relevant. At Cronk Media, we aim to improve the value and performance of your site. Ensuring it receives high ranking signals that Google can use to analyse it. We adopt all the necessary tactics to make your site attractive to Google’s algorithm. You have to provide Google with high-quality, user-friendly and technically adept web content for its users. It rewards you by ranking your website high in their SERPs.

If you are not experienced with SEO, the information provided here might still seem hard for you. This is why we highly recommend that you work with an SEO company Brisbane. You need to manage this aspect of your digital marketing. At Cronk Media, we are always watching closely and making sure that your site is good to go according to the new changes.

We work to create a website that will help your visitors and sell your service or product. This will ensure that your audience loves your site. They spend more time on it, and share it with their friends, improving your visibility.

Leverage The Power of Local SEO


Google gave small business a helping hand back in 2014, when they released the first version of their pigeon update. This update made it possible for local businesses to compete with national brands; which up until then was near impossible.

Local SEO is a major search weapon for your business online. Google is placing more emphasis onto location based searches everyday. Google My Business is a tool that no business can afford to not optimise these days, least of all be without.

This free listing allows you to showcase your products and services locally like never before. Not only is it a great place for people to read your reviews, but also for posting new specials and offers.

With 46% of searches now local, this opportunity is one you can not afford to ignore.