Website Cost for Small Business

A web site that is professional is paramount now given the competitive market we live in, and tenfold for small businesses looking to get a leg up. Website cost for small business is measured by the professionalism you wish to present. The look and feel to possible clients can mean the difference between an order being placed by them with you or going elsewhere. If you are happy to have just a point of contact for clients then a simple website it best. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, a standard template with stock images and recycled content will not do. You need to be vibrant and original and offer something or an experience that your competitors do not.
Its not just about the design at first glance, which really detracts from your professional look; but in addition, it has to do with inferior functionality as well as colour selections, cramped text and error-riddled content. Research suggests that sub par website design can detract from marketability and your company reputation, leading to a reduced ability to improve conversion rates.

What Drives Price

Many variables drive price, especially the reality that responsive interactive design is only on the increase. Currently there are more than 230 potential display sizes. Therefore more and more money hours are being spent to ensure a high quality website design that is practical  and reactive across all visitors devices. Enhancing visitor experience pays off. 63% of activities caused by mobile searches happen within one hour of the hunt. Web sites that are not simple to browse, with regards to the apparatus used or don’t load correctly, can discourage from that activity, causing consumers to go elsewhere for his or her needs. Of course all this is meaningless if your website is not in front of peoples eyes. Sites must be built in a a way so that the option to be SEO optimised in the future is always available. The conventional website cost for small business price in todays web market is around $3000 to $6,000.

“According to, studies have found that 76% of users consider the most essential aspect in the design of a web site is being able to locate the things that they need”.

You Get Everything You Really Pay For

It’s true that you can get a site that is free to build yourself or pay to get a cheap one outsourced overseas, but it’s a shortcut not recommended. Very often these options leave you unable to optimise and leave you wallowing on the lower search pages. Calculate the cost of being nowhere in the search engines to your business? Do not let yourself get behind the eight ball, particularly in those crucial early building and infrastructure stages. A mediocre existence on the internet by choosing not to go with professional will kill your opportunities of growing your business into the future.

Website Prices that are typical

Here at DC Digital digital agency, our charges are based on $85/hour and we usually charge between $1000 to $3500 for sites. This is an extremely competitive price in todays market with the average being around $120/hour and sites costing between $3000 – $6000. Please do not hesitate to call or email for a quick chat about your business.