Small Business SEO

With so many small business SEO agencies in the industry, finding one that suits your business and budget can be quite difficult. Working with the right search engine optimisation company should not only give your business website a lift in the rankings. It should also take the stress out of your day to day marketing headaches and provide a feeling of purpose and direction.

Understanding Your Business

We all want to hire the best and work with the mosts successful companies in their field. But remember that SEO has different requirements and scaling for all businesses. For example; Is online your only revenue stream? In this case you would be in a rush to rank and require a more aggressive sized campaign.

How big is your current market? What if you start hitting 10k visitors a month. Is there enough consumers and demand for your product to make a large  SEO investment viable.

There are many other factors to consider when choosing your small business SEO requirements. Like what are the needs of your business? How much can you afford in your budget?

Once these questions have been answered you can then better decide which services you should focus on. There are numerous ways to go and to list a few would include: Link campaigns, content marketing, influencer marketing, reach-out blogging and PPC campaigns to name a few. Understanding your particular businesses strengths and weaknesses will allow you to aim your budget in the right areas.

small business seo

Hire An SEO Agency That Is For Real

Join forces with an agency thats suits your needs. You can then focus your energy into the other parts of your business that need your specialist attention.

If you take one sound piece of advice from this article it is this. If you hear an offer that sounds to good to be true, it most likely is just that. Consider that the average  small business SEO industry rates are between $85 – $150/ hour. It also takes on average a minimum of 3 months before real results start to show in the search engines. If an SEO company is promising that they can have you ranking on page.1 of Google in a month for just $400, it’s a scam!

Think about it. Thousands of companies all competing for 7 spots on page.1. But an SEO company is stating they can do this by working less than 90 minutes a week? Run! It is either a quick cash grab or they are using blackhat (banned) SEO tactics that will have you penalised by Google. Possibly disqualified from ranking permanently.

Invest your time and money into a legitimate small business SEO company like Cronk Media. Get great results that will last and never get penalised. If you have any more questions for us, please get in touch.