Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies | Blogs 2019

Internet Marketing strategies can quickly become dated in an extremely tech based world. Blogging or content marketing is not exactly a new concept. There are not any lack of articles, reports, and studies emphasising what this type of advertising can do for the company. In my experience, nevertheless, most companies are completely clueless about what “the right blogging strategy” really looks like.

Here’s what a lot of folks appear to believe content marketing means:

*Write a blog – about 500 to 800 words in length
*Write one every week
*Share the post via all your social channels

Now, you’d likely be in an excellent position in the event you’d began doing this in 2003. But if you entered the game in say 2010, you are going to find that you get lost in the crowd with this aged strategy. Every single day more than 2 MILLION new site posts reach the internet. And that amount just keeps getting larger. You have to stand out with those sort of figures. The good news is that there is a way you can stand out without working more, but rather reallocating your time into the right areas.

What exactly do you need to do?

*Write a blog post once a month
*Select a 2-4 words Search Engine Optimisation key-phrase.
*Locate the most successful related article in the search results.
*Put your own spin on that already popular content.
*For each hour spent composing the post, spend 4 hours marketing it.

That’s it! So lets get into it and go deeper in these 4 steps of internet marketing strategies for smarter blogging in 2019.

#1 Identify your keyphrase

For rapid, sustainable development, both content and a good keyword phrase are needed. Excellent, shareable content that also can seduce Google’s algorithms is the ultimate goal when researching your keyword. For markets that are smaller, 2-3 word key-phrases are good, but most sites will most likely need to go after 3-4 word phrases. Try Moz keyword planner tool here.

#2 Find the most successful content

Another phase in your internet marketing strategies is identifying content which has proven to be already successful in your market. By “successful” we’re talking about societal shares (Facebook, Twitter etc) and SERP standing (ranking). The most easy way to begin would be to just enter your key-phrase and see what comes up. These findings indicated there was room to make something more powerful with this subject.

#Make your spin original and better

Most of the time you will read an article and have some interesting points of your own to make. The point of finding already successful articles is that you already know people are interested in what you are going to say. So make your content stand out and use exisiting articles as a spark to create awesome content people want to read and also share. This is the essence of superior web marketing.

#Market and promote the hell out of it

If you want to see awesome results you have to change your mindset on time allocation. Instead of writing 3 extra blogs a month, spend that time on the promotion of that one top quality blog a month. That means 4 hours constructing backlinks talking to influencers, and pursuing societal shares for every 1 hour spent composing the website content itself.

Few companies come close to carrying this out, but it’s the ONLY solution to get results that are important. Content promotion requires a bit of imagination as well as diligence. Here are several places to begin:

*Quote or reference influencers in your content and after which tell them about it
*Search dead links out and provide your articles as a replacement
*Share your content in LinkedIn, Google,Facebook and Twitter groups

If you follow these steps and apply these up to date internet marketing strategies, you cant help but stand out from the crowd and results will be sure to follow with best seo.



Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Channels That Work

Regardless of whether or not you’re a B2B or B2C trafficker, your audience is often on the move. With ever-changing devices and behaviours it’s tougher to remain ahead of your niche market. The saying goes, ‘a moving target is tougher to hit.’

We have to increase our possibilities of hitting our targets. We must frequently weave more channels into promoting our web marketing strategy. Putting our company ahead of a lot of potential leads. However, in today’s digital landscape, it will feel like new platforms and social networks crop up daily. Leaving you to imagine and alter up your strategy.

Below we have gathered our highest four rising digital promoting channels to assist you. Choose which channels are worth specialising in. Keeping high in mind your target market. Browse on to learn how you can adopt them into your 2019 promoting set up.

1. Digital Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are currently 200% larger than social networks. They make new pathways wherever you’ll be able to target your audience. This includes electronic messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, and Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger alone is on the phones of over 1.2 billion individuals. Mobile currently accounts for 57% of net traffic. It is vital for your companies brand to be seen on the mobile applications your viewers use.

Through strategic advertising and integrated chatbots, your business will attract a lot of customers. Through electronic messaging apps you’ll be able to send sponsored personalised messages. Awesome!

2. Medium

91% of B2B marketers state that they use content promoting. Odds are you already produce noteworthy content for your company. Medium is a publication platform where individuals read and write things that matter. It permits you to distribute that content with an engaged and thoughtful audience. Medium’s priority is on quality content. The scale of your audience doesn’t have an effect on the impact. This is different from how alternative publication sites and networks work.

Medium is a platform for people and their opinions. Medium may be a place for your brand’s thought leaders to share their progressive concepts. Medium is fantastic for improving your SEO. With over 126 million web site visits so far and growing, Medium’s active users can highlight and move along with your content. Medium will increase the visibility of your content on the platform.


digital marketing online


3. Digital Marketing Channels | Reddit

Boasted as “The Front Page of the Internet”. Reddit provides another distinctive chance for brands to interact with new audiences. With over 250 million, Reddit permits users to discuss on-line content and vote on their submissions. This has resulted in a lively and engaged community. Reddit is packed with user-generated content. In fact, after 1.69 billion web site guests so far, Reddit has a mean visit length of over ten minutes.

Get started with Reddit by choosing some subreddits (i.e. threads dedicated to specific topics) that are applicable for you. Try Reddit’s advertising options which permits you to sponsor a post to the front page of a subreddit. If you’re feeling additional brave, you’ll be able to host an AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit. This permits you to possess a Q&A session with Reddit’s community. Be warned, however: posting on Reddit may be a small amount like walking through a minefield. You never recognise what you’re reaching to get.

4. YouTube

Video accounts for 74% of all net traffic. This means your audience spends a majority of their time on-line looking at a video. YouTubes digital marketing online platform has been around for over a decade. Today YouTube is the world’s second largest computer programme and second most visited web site. It is creating a primary place to distribute video content and interact with audiences.

While manufacturing your own video could seem intimidating, video creation has never been more accessible. New SaaS offerings and complex phone cameras are available. Plus your videos don’t have to be too difficult. Showcase your company leaders via a 1 on 1 interview, live streamed Q&A, or maybe a webinar. Additionally, you’ll be able to produce in-depth tutorials that walk your audience through tough issues. You can promote your experience and educate your audience with strategic digital marketing channels.

E Marketing

E Marketing

E Marketing | Powerful Connection


E marketing (email marketing) is known to be among the most powerful advertising channels . Exactly why is a powerful email marketing strategy so significant? An awesome email marketing strategy, as part of a business plan and your total marketing strategy, will help you promote your services and product. Together with using the e-mail channel, it will create the greatest opportunities for achieving your targets and making a profit. A powerful email marketing strategy transforms thoughts into activities. People reading your campaign should be compelled to interact with you and subsequently contact you.

First establish aspirations and your companies aims within your niche of email marketing, then take these 3 steps:

1. What is the E marketing strategy you are planning to reach your desired targets?

2. Email marketing strategies: How are you going to reach them?

3. Activities: How are you planning to deliver on your online strategies?


No Brainer | E Marketing

Your email marketing plan will need to have a powerful bond between your strategy and the activities you’re performing in executing this plan. E marketing places your message in the face of plenty of prospective clients,  and has the potential to get a very large reach/ audience. It’s really simple to start a campaign off and can begin with so little. E-Mail marketing allows you to segment and to target your messages on an individual degree. There are threats, but they are little and the prices are comparatively low, while the potential upside remains huge. Expand your personal marketing strategy in the form of  email marketing and rediscover the power of networking persistence. While we do not manage e marketing campaigns we highly recommend the practice and advise you implement one as part of growing your audience.

Compile a “to do list” for every single marketer, and for every single potential marketer and place it at the very top of your agenda in your online marketing strategy.



Marketing Web

Marketing Web

The Marketing Web | Increase or Decrease | How & Where


Advertising is generally the primary place to get cut back or completely cut within a slowdown. Should this be the case? This depends on several questions and is an excellent point. I have always lent toward cutting back in other areas and streamlining my marketing web efforts, but never to cut out all together. I know it can be difficult to keep spending when the bills are piling up. But with good research, you can analyse enough data that your educated guess is far more in your favour than against. Below is a short list with a few questions you have to ask yourself when these tough decisions occur.

On keeping your current customers or clients; Will cutting back on your marketing web/ advertising impact them?
Are you going to have to lift your customer base to stay feasible?
By enlarging your product/ service base, is it possible to close the earnings gap?
Is it possible to enter new marketplaces within in your particular niche which are not as competitive?
Before reductions or promotions are to be made, the aforementioned questions should be thoughtfully considered.


Cost Factors in the Marketing Web

Product/ service costs, as well as advertising/ marketing costs, is just another variable that must be considered. In several businesses price competition increases drastically as companies attempt to maintain capacity client volumes to secure their turnover, income and marketing share. One strategy I have always included is a balance between my SEM (pay per click advertising for example), and my SEO (increasing my natural site ranking) budget and campaigns. In tougher times, like 2013 during the GFC, I reduced my spend on paid ads and instead kept a trickle budget toward my SEO. It is entirely up to you and depends on your particular business.  Remember good internet marketing is a mix of great creativity on the back of solid data research.

Please contact us to have chat in the event that you’d like to learn more about which web marketing is right for you.