Beware Cheap Website Design Brisbane

Beware Cheap Website Design Brisbane

The Trap of cheap Website design Brisbane

Designers these days charge a reasonable amount because of their creative work and their market in today’s world. Getting the affordable web designing services in Brisbane at your determined rate is something like decoding the jackpot out of the blue. But people in business still get lured when the web designing company offers the designing services at a very cheap rate. They do not even try to find out the reason behind it. Without thinking regarding the consequences of relying on the cheap rated designer firms, people give the contracts.

Choose cheap website design brisbane then here a fews things to consider

There must be specific reasons behind providing the designing services by a few companies at a cheap rate. Most of the time we do not bother to search the reason behind it, but that could lead you into trouble in the future. The major reasons explaining why you should always avoid hiring cheap website design Brisbane are:

Lack of Creativity

Creativity is a birth possession. It can never be created nor can you invent it. Therefore if a particular website designer is working for very low fees, then there must be something lacking. Would you really like to get a website at a cheaper rate but one which lacks creativity?

Lack of Proper Communication

The people who have no formal education regarding designing have one polarised thought on how they will resolve your queries and doubts and design the best website for you. The designers will not even understand your concept and business needs which will give rise to the communication gap. Cheap website design Brisbane companies that offer services at a lower rate possess web designers who are not sound on different parameters and can not think on their feet.

Awful Copy-writing

Visual impact largely gets influenced by readability. It takes just a few seconds to catch the viewer’s attention while surfing the internet. To write the content in a very productive and attractive way is a crucial job. So, would you like to get the terrible copywriting service only because the company is offering you the lowest price?

Fluctuating Deadline

This is another significant negative consequence that you may have on your site is fluctuating deadline. If you are paying less money, then you should have less expectation, and all the compromises are expected from your side undoubtedly. So never get disheartened with the compromises you are doing. So what if you are not launching the site on time at least you are paying a bit less. Really!


The Importance of Professional Web Development

Establishing Brand Identity

A professional web designer will have a definite plan before going about the development tasks. Developing a website has as much to do with creating a visual identity as it is about communicating important information about a product or service. A website must have a definite color scheme that is unique and relevant to the company. The logo must be placed in a position where it is visible but not intrusive. The entire website must be consistent in its visual identity so that it becomes memorable to visitors.

Thoughtful Structure for a Positive Experience

The importance of structuring the content on your website cannot be overstated. Nowadays, Internet users are extremely finicky about the content they read. One of the ways of how a website can attract individuals to read content, is by presenting them in ways that are easy on the eye. No user wants to read massive blocks of text. Data presentation and visualization is an important skill that a web developer will have.

Web Development vs. Web Design

Now that you know that your website’s visitors are so quick to judge, you have to agree that when it comes to hiring a website developer, you don’t want to cut corners. Going cheap for your website means going cheap for your brand. It is also crucial to note that we are referring to website development and not website design. These two terms are often used interchangeably. There are distinct differences between web development and web design.

Encouraging Interactions with Social Media Plug-ins

Internet users spend exorbitant amounts of time on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Incorporating social media plug-ins into your website is an excellent way to spur sharing and conversations. It can create a buzz around your brand and give website traffic and your ROI a big boost. Social login buttons leading visitors to popular social platforms you use actively can also support your overall SEO and content marketing efforts. Professional web development can effectively integrate social media into your web design for the best results. Cheap website design Brisbane and only considering price in the digital world can be a costly mistake trust me.


Web Design Services Brisbane | Smash Your 2019 Targets

Web Design Services Brisbane | Smash Your 2019 Targets

Web Design Services Brisbane

In today’s world, it is quite difficult to run a business without having a website as it opens the doors of your company to the world. The first place that clients reach before they can physically contact you is the website. However, things may not always be smooth, especially when you don’t have adequate knowledge of web development matters. This is because the internet can be a scary avenue that is littered with a series of jargons. The best way of navigating through it is by hiring professional web designers in Brisbane like us. We specialize in providing top-notch web design services.

Do not be scared or hold back from improving your visibility on the internet. Leave it to the experts and wait for the results.

Different Websites | Responsive Across All Devices

Whether it is a personal portfolio website, business website, a public portal or a site for a non-profitable organization, we can sort you out. We have an able team of designers that can work on any website.

We have dealt with clients from different spheres and the immense experience that we have acquired plays a significant role in designing different sites. We customise websites to match your preferences and your field of specialisation.

Designs That Meet Your Marketing Needs

Did you know that website designs play a critical role in marketing your business? An excellent and relevant design helps you achieve your marketing goals faster while a bad one holds you back from meeting your business targets. Through our custom designs, we can help your brand spread its name far and wide.

One way of achieving this is by focusing on the website’s architecture. We ensure that all the contents of your site are organized chronologically. This helps visitors to navigate without any problem, and in turn, they develop a positive attitude towards the website.

Another way through which our web design services can help you with your marketing is by optimizing the designs for SEO. We ensure that they are not only friendly to the search engine crawlers, but also to human beings in a bid to boost your visibility on the internet.

Unique Web Design Services Brisbane

Do you want to distinguish yourself from other similar businesses in Brisbane? Let us help you achieve this goal by delivering exceptional designs. We adopt a unique approach to doing things to help you stand out from others. It has been proven that unique custom designs act as selling points for businesses. All of our websites are designed with future SEO services in mind.

Our website prices range from between $1200 to $5000 for a large custom website. Call us to have a chat about what your particular needs are on 1300 186 262.

Professional Approach

We dedicate ourselves to meeting the needs of our clients, and we do this professionally. In fact, you will love working with us right from the moment that you contact us to the time that we deliver the project. All our dealings are straightforward, and we don’t hide any information from our clients. Most importantly, we always update our customers on the progress that we make regarding the designs.


It is rare to find affordability and quality on one line, but with us, you are guaranteed of getting these two attributes. We give our customers high-quality designs at affordable rates to help you to stay within your budget.

So take that significant step of contacting us for our custom web design services Brisbane that will deliver results.

Web Design Services Brisbane


Creating a high quality superior web site which each looks superb. Functioning without fault involves many more levels than just aesthetics and sleek transitions. You need a web site which can rank well and catch the eye and thrive. That’s why you want a web site designer who prioritises links and solid content, as well as safe search engine optimisation techniques.

For organic and continual growth, white hat techniques like optimised content and link building are the method forward. Which must be designed into the very DNA of the website. Not only are they very effective, but they additionally offer worth and depth to your web site. Content is and continuously has been king, and that’s long been one of the guiding rules of SEO.

Nowadays, however, it’s not just about easy articles (gulp), it’s regarding infographics, video and helpful applications. It’s concerning thinking outside the box a bit. It’s about continuously returning to an exact key plan. Providing distinctive, valuable content that folks don’t see anywhere else on the internet. Beyond an excellent website designer and a spectacular appearing site, is content and links. These become the most vital factors post build.


SEO must be proactive and current!

One of the largest shortfalls we see time and time again in businesses is failing to stay up with SEO content. Sure, you’ll see content put out consistently for a bit, but then it falls by the roadside.

Google uses the age of your content as a ranking issue. Any web site that’s not been updated since 2015, is usually planning to fall back within the search rankings.

Being proactive and keeping up with your SEO will inevitably cause continued, dependable growth in traffic. Which will produce a higher ranking position on the search page.


Vary it Up

One of the additional vital things to be bearing in mind is the importance of various content. You can’t simply be putting video, or text, or pictures up. You will require a diverse range, covering numerous keywords.  This can be time consuming but the results will speak for themselves.

Create helpful, original content that’s simple to look, then spread it everywhere. There’s no purpose putting all of your eggs in one basket. A skilled website designer will build you a site that will accommodate  posts and blogs, so keep this in mind.


What is Link Building?

Link building revolves around obtaining alternative sites to link back to yours. It’s valuable to Google’s internet crawlers in showing that your website is an authority. From backlinks, to quality content, to mobile friendliness. Google uses loads of various factors once it involves ranking websites.


How will this link to content creation?

Obtaining alternative sites to post your content with links embedded will boost your rankings. Whereas some sites won’t tolerate obvious links back, it is an especially good method. Blogging on your own site is only half the work.

Once you’ve got the proper web site designer, the remainder becomes terribly easy. Whether or not you’re searching for a replacement web site, or a new website build. Cronk Media can help with all your online needs.

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Headed Down Under

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Headed Down Under

Amazon Australia is Coming

Once in a lifetime you will see an ocean of opportunity so big it almost makes your head spin. The online shopping giant Amazon is coming to Australia and there is no stopping it. With a whopping 1 out of every 2 dollars in the US being spent online with Amazon, the insane potential it brings is obvious. With over 370 million items offered on their shelves, it is far easier to find an opportunity than not to.

Australian consumers spent upward of 1 billion dollars with the US giant in 2016. Consider that spend was with waiting up to 45 days for international deliverly and paying large postage. It doesn’t take a genius to predict what is going to happen with online shopping numbers when the wait time and postage is significantly lessened with Amazon Australia.

Be Prepared and Pounce Early

I’m fairly sure most of you have heard people say that good business is partly being in the right place at the right time. Recognising opportunity when it presents itself and taking massive action. Well in my opinion, with Amazon coming to Australia, this is one of those “ahhh” moments. One of those business moments that forever haunt you, muttering “why didn’t I see that and act”!

We know it is coming, so what should we do about it?

Well I believe a major opportunity lies in affiliate websites and marketing. If you have never heard of affiliate marketing before, that’s ok. It is not confusing or hard to set up and the rewards are about to skyrocket with Amazon Australia. I will break it down simply so we can get on the same page, and then I will expand.

Step.1 Build an Affiliate Website

Step.2 Become an Affiliate Reseller of Amazon Products

Step.3 Choose your Products and start Earning (What’s trending on Google?)seo services brisbaneI realise I have explained that very simply, but at its core the process really is that easy. If you are prepared to invest the time and energy in the initial set up phase, the earning potential is truly amazing. With every sale being made through your site you receive a commission from Amazon. The best part about this is that even if the shopper does not buy your product, and goes on to buy something else online, you still get the commission! How awesome is that! You see because they entered Amazon through your affiliate websites, you still get paid. What I find most amazing about this is that Amazon basically do all the work. They market the product, take the order, wrap and deliver it. When it comes to the old saying “Money for Jam”, I’m pretty sure this structure of online business fits perfectly.


Affiliate Websites

How Much Does It Cost To Set-Up?

Your account with Amazon is free. In some cases affiliate websites programs will review your site as an apropriate on-seller of their products and then give you the green light. If you want to see how easy it is to set up an account, check out the American Amazon sign up here. Within their platform they provide you with everything you need to monitor and optimise your site. A complete analytics is already built in so you can track all your visitors and sales.

Your expense is the affiliate website. When you consider how much a regular business costs to set up with leases, insurances, stocking, staffing and after market guarantees etc, $1500 – $2000 is a drop in the ocean. The potential for massive affiliate website results with Amazon coming to Australia has never been so great.

Which business niche should I choose?

It has been stated that media items like books and music will be first in the roll out, along with electronics and of course apparel. They plan to set up distribution warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This will expand over time so do not get bogged down into these niches. Market research has to be conducted for any product you decide on, so let your mind run free.

Start Growing Your followers NOW!


If you want to get started building your affiliate websites and subsequent social media marketing account set-ups and strategies, get in touch. Cronk Media.

Abundance | Learn the Secret of the Rich & Famous

Abundance | Learn the Secret of the Rich & Famous

Programming the Mind

Suggestions and affirmations consistently work best when you replicate them, not just consciously, but also subconsciously. I know many successful  people who practice these affirmations in their small to medium business everyday. Make no mistake about it, they work. The subconcious mind is such a powerful tool but like anything it requires training and practice to unlock its potential.

As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

Most people carry a proposal around like “My work is not fun and good jobs have to be so difficult to get. I have to work very hard and struggle simply to just get by”.

If you study the super-abundant people, you discover they’re carrying around a different sort of inner program. They have chosen affirmations of another nature. They make the rules. They do not follow them. It’s merely a choice you may not have understood was accessible to you.

Do you think this is just a coincidence?


Most people = “My work is not fun”

Richard Branson = “I shall just do it if it is fun”.

Most people = “It will not work”.

Steve Jobs = “It WILL work. Now we’ve decided, let us start figuring out how”.

Most people = “Individuals are difficult”.

Oprah = “People are unbelievable”.


Plug in 

The most effective personal development tool on earth is energy. Along with your own personal energy is ideal for unlocking your own destiny. To put it differently, you already have all you require. When you understand how to exploit it … Watch out world!

As Nicola Tesla stated “If you would like to discover the secrets of this world, think concerning energy, vibration and frequency.”

As soon as you start trying search for the logical and rationalise answers too much, you gamble with becoming disconected from these natural energies. Try to find your true balance between the both your mind and spirit. 

Below is a video where Tony Robbins talks about how the universe will pay whatever price you ask of it. He goes onto talk about how to ask intelligently, but I urge to check it out if you haven’t already. If you want to take it a step further check out his coaching here.

5 Steps to Unlocking Abundance in your Business & Personal Life


1. Money is evil

Your beautiful parents may have assisted you to cement this profound belief within your spirit, but it is not correct. Not all rich folks are seedy drug retailers or have acquired their wealth by swindling people out of the lunch money. There’s a gorgeous and conscious method to call at the money. Money can produce and support liberty, joy, creativity, experience and a lot of other wondrous things. Try and concentrate on the positive effect that cash can get in people’s lives. It does not bring joy (it may occasionally), but it’s a potent reminder that MONEY IS ENERGY.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Recall and affirm that cash is a stream of energy in your life to encourage you. It is a mutual trade based on what you’re offering with your own vibration.


2. You can’t be seen as desperate

But can you pick up the small shiny coin at the Woolworths parking lot, or do you really feel ashamed and think others may see you and believe you are desperate? Does fear of judgment make you quit and avoid some things?

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: allow the Universe to understand you’re GRATEFUL for each tiny bit of good fortune you’re presented with. Gather up that coin and say thank you. Acknowledge it. Thank it.


3. Keep it tidy

How that you maintain your cash provides the Universe a hint as to whether or not you are prepared for your luck to multiply. Ensure that your invoices are neatly organized or your purse is in some type of order. Declutter it and eliminate the trash you do not need like receipts etc. Respecting your moolah will go a very long way.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Enjoy your money and your cash will love you back and MULTIPLY. Mind trick is to also wrap or place your money with the largest note displayed to you. The video above explains how it can move your mindset further.


4. Stop complaining

When you consistently say that things are “too expensive” or you verbally express fear about spending cash then it deactivates your aims to draw in more abundance. Enjoy your accounts, thank your cash because it exchanges hands.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Choose your words wisely and keep in mind that your words trigger your vibrations and then return to you personally as your own reality.


5. Put a value on your time

Are you too nice and not able to say no to people if they ask for your aid? Would you really feel weird charging family or friends for your experience? Even if it is a discounted rate you will need to appreciate your own time and set a dollar value on it. Why? Since you’re worthy. It reveals to the Universe each and every hour of this day that you are open to the flow of wealth.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: make certain to respect your time in most situations.


Content Development | The Game has Changed 

Content Development | The Game has Changed 

How many times should I repeat a keyword? The Content Development Process

This is an interesting development and a question that has been asked a lot over the life span of SEO content development. In the beginning it was more of a black and white answer, as many times as you can. Now with the latest developments of Google semantics (meaning search engines are now taking into account content in general, identifying and disqualifying lower-quality content). You do not need to even contain the key word at all anymore really. I know of hundreds of first place websites for key words that are tough, which don’t even have the key word on their page. Obviously I’m not advising that strategy, I mention it only to illustrate this major shift in the content development process.

So basically it all means that you should be focusing on general issues rather than individualised key words. For those who have your primary keyword in your mind this is not a bad thing to do and remains a highly effective practice. What I am saying is simply make sure you do not focus on only attempting to contain the keyword specific. Rather compose excellent content generally around your keywords and write for humans not the search engines. In this regard I think content writing has become easier and far less confusing to produce which is better for all of us.


“That perfect mix of copy content to keyword ratio can also be specific to the type of industry and competition level”


Here is a quick run down of what I do and enjoy heaps of success with:

a) I use a precise match for the keyword in my H1 title tags. Usually I will try and put the keyword somewhere in the middle, not at the beginning. See above in this article for an example, you will notice the keyword “content development” toward the end rather than the beginning.

b) In the Meta description I will usually also exact match my primary key word but will also try to work in a powerful related keyword. Again I try to work the exact match into the middle of my description.

d) With regard to H2 and H3 tags though out the article, I will again make use of the related keywords here too. For example above in the H2 tag (bolded), I have used a powerful variation of the primary  key word content development, that being “copy content”. But you could also mention variations of your main keywords something like “content writing” or “writing for SEO” to lists a couple of examples.

In conclusion, this is what is working at the moment for me and I am getting consistent results using this keyword search engine marketing strategy. The main thing is that you are writing great content, original and something that people will want to read, use and share. If you put just a little extra thought into it, you will evade the risk of sounding spammy and being penalised in the search engines. If you want to learn more about writing for SEO, do yourself a favour and check out the video below by the world renowned content marketing guru Neil Patel.


Happy content writing




Web Design Services

Web Design Services

Web Design Services | Choose Carefully


There’s is an age old adage that says you just get one opportunity to make a good first impression. The typical person in Australia will spend less than ten seconds on your website. If your web design can not capture their attention in this time, you’ve lost the fight. This is why it is so crucial to choose the right web design services for your business.


At Cronk Media we provide professional quality web site design and SEO services. We provide a full range of services. From start up to helping businesses turn around a lacklustre website. We consider that we are only as successful as the level of success we help our clients attain.


Web Design Services | One Chance to Make a First Impression

Your web site just gets one shot at creating a great first impression. Now your web design should be as visually appealing as the latest sports car. If not your potential customers are simply going to cruise on to other competition. We offer superior web site design services which will make your website “pop”. Our web designers have the ability to draw in traffic and keep them there, increasing your conversion rates.


Our SEO Optimised Website Design Services | Increases Your Sales

Getting people to see and go to your site is just one half of the large picture. You must then give them a reason to stay. A completely optimised web design should be visually appealing. It should also be easy to navigate. This implies your business is user friendly and straight forward to deal with. Our web site design team will give your site the ultimate competitive advantage. 


We Make 24/7 Access to Your Website Easy

We are aware that it’s essential in your web site design to be able to access your site easily. We give you the keys so you can make the essential changes to your own internet site.

Over time our team of professionals have helped dozens of businesses improve sales. Integrating a modern design and Search Engine Optimisation techniques on their website. Clients are very happy to discuss their experience. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Google is Often Evolving.

Tweaks to the algorithmic program are usually lamented by annoyed marketers. However these evolutions are also a gift of valuable new opportunities for creating content visible.

Today’s SERPs are a long way from where they started. Trying to assist searchers find their info, Google is incorporating a wider variation of guidelines. We want to use this post to glance at a number of these options.

How will we guarantee our content is best suited to Google’s ever intuitive results? See below.


Google’s Answer Feature

Do you know those those drop down areas that show up on a search enquiry you might have? These are very good places for you to be showing up. Just by adding a piece of content optimised for the term “how to” added, can get you more business.


The same applies for video content. Let’s say that you have a video about make-up or tyre blacking. Just by expanding your content and answering a more targeted questions, will have more customers in no time.

Local Business Optimisation 

Again the same applies as the above 2 points. The more relevant you are to a prospective client the better. Do not underestimate the power of a fully optimised local business listing. Adding relevant content to it every month can really drive traffic and customers to your door.