Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Channels That Work

Regardless of whether or not you’re a B2B or B2C trafficker, your audience is often on the move. With ever-changing devices and behaviours it’s tougher to remain ahead of your niche market. The saying goes, ‘a moving target is tougher to hit.’

We have to increase our possibilities of hitting our targets. We must frequently weave more channels into promoting our web marketing strategy. Putting our company ahead of a lot of potential leads. However, in today’s digital landscape, it will feel like new platforms and social networks crop up daily. Leaving you to imagine and alter up your strategy.

Below we have gathered our highest four rising digital promoting channels to assist you. Choose which channels are worth specialising in. Keeping high in mind your target market. Browse on to learn how you can adopt them into your 2019 promoting set up.

1. Digital Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are currently 200% larger than social networks. They make new pathways wherever you’ll be able to target your audience. This includes electronic messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, and Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger alone is on the phones of over 1.2 billion individuals. Mobile currently accounts for 57% of net traffic. It is vital for your companies brand to be seen on the mobile applications your viewers use.

Through strategic advertising and integrated chatbots, your business will attract a lot of customers. Through electronic messaging apps you’ll be able to send sponsored personalised messages. Awesome!

2. Medium

91% of B2B marketers state that they use content promoting. Odds are you already produce noteworthy content for your company. Medium is a publication platform where individuals read and write things that matter. It permits you to distribute that content with an engaged and thoughtful audience. Medium’s priority is on quality content. The scale of your audience doesn’t have an effect on the impact. This is different from how alternative publication sites and networks work.

Medium is a platform for people and their opinions. Medium may be a place for your brand’s thought leaders to share their progressive concepts. Medium is fantastic for improving your SEO. With over 126 million web site visits so far and growing, Medium’s active users can highlight and move along with your content. Medium will increase the visibility of your content on the platform.


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3. Digital Marketing Channels | Reddit

Boasted as “The Front Page of the Internet”. Reddit provides another distinctive chance for brands to interact with new audiences. With over 250 million, Reddit permits users to discuss on-line content and vote on their submissions. This has resulted in a lively and engaged community. Reddit is packed with user-generated content. In fact, after 1.69 billion web site guests so far, Reddit has a mean visit length of over ten minutes.

Get started with Reddit by choosing some subreddits (i.e. threads dedicated to specific topics) that are applicable for you. Try Reddit’s advertising options which permits you to sponsor a post to the front page of a subreddit. If you’re feeling additional brave, you’ll be able to host an AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit. This permits you to possess a Q&A session with Reddit’s community. Be warned, however: posting on Reddit may be a small amount like walking through a minefield. You never recognise what you’re reaching to get.

4. YouTube

Video accounts for 74% of all net traffic. This means your audience spends a majority of their time on-line looking at a video. YouTubes digital marketing online platform has been around for over a decade. Today YouTube is the world’s second largest computer programme and second most visited web site. It is creating a primary place to distribute video content and interact with audiences.

While manufacturing your own video could seem intimidating, video creation has never been more accessible. New SaaS offerings and complex phone cameras are available. Plus your videos don’t have to be too difficult. Showcase your company leaders via a 1 on 1 interview, live streamed Q&A, or maybe a webinar. Additionally, you’ll be able to produce in-depth tutorials that walk your audience through tough issues. You can promote your experience and educate your audience with strategic digital marketing channels.

Best Websites

Best Websites

Best Websites | Which Road to Take | Built or Build Your Own?

There’s been a substantial uptake of free “build your own” best websites platforms by certain companies over the past few years. Apparently, over 10,000 companies took up the free site offer sponsored by Westpac and MYOB. More lately by free web site builder software like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly. These have become quite popular for new and small companies, Shopify being most popular for the ecommerce sites.

At face value, these free website builder tools seem quite appealing. But do they create enquiries? They make guarantees of being simple to build and that they are going to generate company revenue. To the uninitiated, these guarantees seem quite appealing, especially when they’re free. At a technical degree these tools are fairly smart, but you’re on your own to produce your site in a ‘paint-by-numbers’ surroundings.

Many individuals spend heaps, even hundreds of hours designing a website that’s free. Only to find that their site does not create any ROI for them. The truth is that simply having a website is not enough on its own. A website is not a simple thing to build either, no matter what the guy from Home and Away says.

Best Websites Options | Are free sites optimised?


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From a search engine standpoint, it’s relatively deceptive that these sites promise to be optimised for search. ‘Organic SEO’ is a specialist area where top positions are sought after and highly challenged. Its simply not possible that a paint-by-numbers web site builder will deliver organic search visitors to your site.

The free website builder tools provide an assortment of layout templates to choose from. Many are now cellular optimised, but is this enough? Great design of the best websites is the entire site, not just the aesthetics. A websites structure and its ability to be optimised down the track is paramount.

The procedure of raising the quantity of conversions by means of a well designed website, is known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Only Professional SEO experts will have been trained to do this properly.

A Great Website | So what is it actually worth?

The website or online store, is now the front store/ shop front for a lot of businesses today. If a new customer is of value to your business, then it is a false market to invest your effort into a free site. Especially as they may restrict your capability to bring new internet visitors and revenue.

Here’s our check list of elements which make a great website:

1. An excellent web site includes a content structure that aligns with exceptional usability. This is in order that visitors can very quickly discover what they’re searching for and enquire.

2. It should contain rich content about your goods and services. This content should have been created specifically for your web site. It should represent the language, lingo and style of your customer audience..

3. The content should contain top quality pictures which are related to the copy. Video ought to be utilised where it makes sense also.

4. Its particular content and the site must conform to the guidelines of Google for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The same applies to the content in the pages being precisely tuned to target your most important keywords.

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5. Clear pathways ought to be observable through the content, directing visitors to the regions of the site that generate leads. This consists of utilising clear and highly visible CTA’s, encouraging internet visitors to connect with your company offering.

6. Best Websites should be wrapped in an extremely attractive design that represents the branding of your organisation.

7. The website design must be completely reactive regardless of the device used by the visitor – tablet PC, mobile or desktop computer.

8. It should be designed with a look to future if optimisation is required.

Conclusion on Best Websites For Your Business

The aforementioned points come from an assortment of skill sets including internet marketing, content writing, search engine optimisation, web design and web development (programming). It is hard for one individual to be qualified in each one of these abilities, let alone a novice starting out.

In the event you actually wish to go down the trail of creating your own website, we urge you to do your research. Early mistakes are sometimes impossible to be undone, especially with regards to SEO.

Have you already found out the hard way that free website building is not that amazing? We’ve developed best websites packages that includes all the required elements at an affordable cost. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat.

Internet Marketing Company

Internet Marketing Company

An Internet Marketing Company with a Difference


To be competitive in today’s world you must work with a transparent internet marketing company. What do we mean when we say transparent? An internet marketing company who will share information with you along the way. I heard horror stories of clients having worked with internet pirates before. Companies who primarily have their own future earnings in mind not their clients. These people build a website in a way that you will always need them. Will always have to employ them for any future changes you would like to make. In a sense it is like being held to ransom with your own site.

Our Internet Marketing Company


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We do not keep all the valuable information to ourselves. We share the process with our clients along the way. When we have finished your project you will have full access to the backend of your site. You will have full customising control into the future. Instead of calling us to change a word or a picture, you can do it yourself. We think this is very important and is our major difference to other agencies in the marketplace. We know some clients prefer to have these changes done for them. We cater for that also. Our sharing stance is made on the principle of transparency. That a customers purchase should not only include the physical site, but also access.

Try Something New

Some of our clients feel tricked and tied to their internet marketing company in the past. This is why we offer transparent web development and SEO services. If desired you will have the skills to steer your online presence with no more large monetary investments.