Building Links That Last | Website Optimisation

Building Links That Last | Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation External & Internal

As you probably already know, Google ranks pages higher in SERPs (search engine result pages) based on the authority that they command. Links help to build up a page’s authority as well as improve its search engine optimisation (SEO) value. Still, not all kinds of links are created equal. The right kind of links can improve your online reputations whereas using the wrong ones can totally tank it. Ask an experienced website optimisation specialist before starting your link building campaign.

At Cronk Media, we like to remind our clients to check the value of links before adding them to their site. The same applies to those linking to their sites as well. It is crucial to check if these links are useful or if they could hurt your SEO ranking.


Here are 4 link building tips to help enhance your website optimisation


Build Links with Reviews

Reviews provide an effective way to build organic, natural links to your site from authoritative sites. Reviews help to build credibility, confidence as well as site useful content from your site. Whenever you have a new service or product, find several online influencers in your niche and ask them to try it out and review it. If they try it and love it, then you can count on new business and extra links too.

Identify Link Opportunities

This is another great way to build valuable links. All you need to do is find content where your link would fit, and then reach out to the site owners to request that it is included in their content. Here is how the process goes;

• Start by looking for content that relates to the content you are building links for

• Once you have gotten one, check the site’s domain authority to make sure that a link from their site will enhance and not hurt your site’s authority

• Find the contact information of the site owner and send them an email detailing how your resource fits their content and ask them to consider linking to it. Make sure you highlight the value this link will have to them and their readers

• If whatever you are offering provides great value to the site, chances are that the site owner might consider it


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Guest Blogging for SEO Link Building

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways of link building. It works because, in exchange for a link back to your site, you offer value to the site owners. If you target your guest blogging carefully, you can soon build a varied and authoritative inbound link profile. Here is how to guest blog effectively:
• Start by identifying sites that accept guest posts
• Create a bio that promotes the lead generation and link building
• Pitch and curate stellar content

Social Shares for Link Building

Although social shares are not a direct ranking factor, they can help indirectly. The more your site’s content is being shared on social platforms, the more people will see and link to it. This is why the highest ranking content has the most shares. Therefore, it is crucial that you include social sharing buttons on your site and content to improve your website optimisation.

Read further as to whether search engine optimistion is the right direction for your business.

Get Your Google Rankings Love 2019

Get Your Google Rankings Love 2019

Get Your Google Rankings Love 2019

SEO is without a doubt one of the most critical competitive digital marketing advantages you can have over your competitors. As website owners become more SEO savvy, you should strive to stay afloat with future trends for you to remain competitive as well as maintain your Google rankings. With search engines becoming smarter and Google answering more questions directly on result pages, you might need to change your website optimisation strategy to remain relevant to Google. Here are some essential tips to help your Google rankings in 2019:

Focus on Security with SSL Encryption

If you have been using Google Chrome, you might have noticed a warning pop up that states “your connection is not secure” every time you navigate a website without the SSL certificate. According to a report by HubSpot, at least 82% of visitors abandon a site that is not secure, affecting its Google rankings.

Having all your websites equipped with an SSL encryption will help you rank higher on search engines in 2018. Once you encrypt your website, it makes engagement with your site, whether from submissions or financial transactions un-trackable by hackers. Hence, it is crucial that you implement

Use Topic Clusters

A topic cluster is a strategic organization of your website into groups of related content so that visitors can easily navigate among related topics to ensure their search questions are fully answered. Topic clusters are important, especially because they enable you to establish authority on an entire subject. So instead of just publishing content, create cluster content to give your visitors a more in-depth understanding of their questions as well as boost your Google rankings.

A good example of a topic cluster:

Utilize Keywords in the URL and the Blog Post

Did you know that Google can identify what your blog post is about through its URL? URL helps a lot in making higher ranking on Google. One of the most important parts of your URL is what comes after the .com. For instance, if you run a mobile accessories website, your URL should read something like www.mobileaccessories/iPhone10cover

Such a URL makes it easier for Google to know what your website is all about.

User Experience Has Never Been so Important

In 2019, user experience for SEO will become even more important. Google has made it clear that the focus should be on the user as it increases the chances of visitors engaging with the pages they visit. The search engine is able to determine which pages are more useful for people and favor them over others. The first thing you need to check when reviewing your website’s user experience is to check the site’s speed, readability, and navigation structure.

You can also look at your visitor’s browsing habits as they offer helpful insights. For instance, if the visits are coming from search only last 30 seconds or less, this could be an indication that your website’s user experience is hurting its conversions. Also, remember to optimise your site so that it provides excellent user experience across all devices.

Although most of these tactics are not entirely new, they can go a long way in helping you rank on Google. SEO is a continually changing process that requires a substantial amount of time to understand your target market, careful planning, and execution.

At Cronk Media, we are dedicated to search engineering and ensuring that your websites rank higher and higher throughout 2019. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you rank on the top of search engines.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Keep Ahead of The Pack in 2020


As we prepare for the backend of 2019, business owners are looking forward to 2020 with optimism. Digital online marketing involves different components including social media, email marketing, PPC, SEO among others.
Technology is always changing and what worked this year might not work next year. Your business might have enjoyed success using social media marketing last year. But it doesn’t mean the same strategy will work next year. To stay competitive in your industry you need to know the latest digital online marketing trends that will help take your business to the next level.

For your business’ marketing campaign to be effective, your digital marketing team needs to stay up to date with the latest digital online marketing trends. In 2018, we saw the popularity of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and videos rise like never before. The next few years promise to be even bigger and better when it comes to digital marketing trends. Here are the top 6 digital marketing trends to look out for in 2020.


1. LinkedIn rising and Twitter falling

When it comes to social media marketing, business owners should know what is hot and what is not. The last year has seen Twitter struggle to increase its fan base. This was even after they had increased their popular 140 character count to 280 characters. This of course did not go down too well with some users who thought that the social media site will lose its identity. Some people now see Twitter similar to Facebook. This has really affected their growth strategy this year, with some users preferring other sites like Instagram and Facebook.

On the other hand, LinkedIn has made some incredible improvements to its user interface, including its advertising platform. Expect LinkedIn to be the go to platform for B2C and B2B brands come 2020. Take a look at an app called LinkedIn Helper, you wont be dissapointed.

2. Personalisation

Customers always want to know that businesses understand their taste and preference. That is why content personalisation has been widely used in marketing strategies this year. This has allowed businesses to reach their target audience with content that have been personalized to match their specific interest, behavior and preferences.

Compared to other generalised marketing strategies such as CTR, content personalisation has proven to be more effective. We don’t expect that to slow down in 2020. If you are a business owner, 2019 is the year you should take personalisation a notch higher if you want to improve your business’ bottom line.


3. Continued growth of mobile devices

In the recent past, marketers have been using mobile device to reach customers who are not available on other devices such as laptop and tablets. Smartphones continue to change with bigger screens and better features and functionalities. It is estimated that as high as 70 percent of internet users will be using mobile devices to surf the internet by 2020. That means marketers need to tailor their content to be suitable for mobile device users. Marketers need to make sure that the moment users login to their mobile device, they will be able to see their marketing content on the web. In fact, search engine giants Google announced they gave priority to mobile content after they launched the mobile first algorithm back in the year 2018.

Digital Marketing Trends

4. Chatbots

Chatbots have been used by businesses to help improve their customer service and marketing strategies. Businesses prefer chatbots because they are available 24 hours every day of the week and are useful in helping customers in their product decision making process. Now experts predict that 2020 will see chatbots become a vital part of digital online marketing. Plugins make it possible for businesses to implement chatbots on different platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WordPress websites.

5. Video

For many years businesses have used blogs to reach out to customers and improve the SEO of their websites. However, if you want to be seen by more customers in 2020, it is high time you invest in quality video content. Videos make it easy for customers to get the message in one or two minutes that could have taken 10 or more minutes to read in a blog. In fact, a recent survey showed that 90 percent of content shared on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are now video. No doubt 2020 will see more businesses adopt video content as part of their digital online marketing.

6. Voice search

If you are not optimising for search queries already you are well behind the pace. People are talking to their devices more than ever. We ask for music when driving, tell our homes to turn on the lights and tell SIRI to Google something for us like she is our personal assistant. This trend is not slowing into the future either. With all technology comes change and we have to be prepared to change with it.

Google’s English word vocabulary now stands at a whopping 92%. We may hate to admit it, but that’s more word recognition than the average English speaking person on the planet. With this shift toward voice recognition comes opportunity. Currently, 70% of Google’s searches come in the form of ‘natural language’. This means no longer do people type ‘Indian Restaurant Milton’ on their devices. Rather they are more likely to talk search something like ‘What are the best Indian Restaurants in Milton’.

This shift in search technology opens the door for tremendous opportunity with regard to long tail keyword optimisation. We must now re think our views on what is a keyword and how best to target the market.

If you would like to book an appointment call 1300 186 262. Or for more information, visit to our Digital Marketing Company Brisbane page.

Is Search Engine Optimisation the right direction for you and your Business?

Is Search Engine Optimisation the right direction for you and your Business?

SEO, Yes or No?

This may seem strange coming from a search engine optimization man. But there are scenarios where organic search might not be the best option for any particular marketing challenge.

In fact, there are times when SEO is just  not a very good fit. In this blog, I am going to look at some common scenarios we see at Cronk Media where we’ve been contacted re commencing some SEO works. We have replied that we believe SEO is either not aligned with their requirements or there’s a mismatch (speed, budget, etc).

5 Factors you need to consider when deciding on Search Engine Optimisation


1. Budget

This is the first and most frequent problem we see. The company would like to rank for any given term within a predetermined time period to get a set budget. In the end, you must survey the landscape. If you are a local business or a national business, you ought to be realistic. Your spend needs to be to effectively move you to wherever you would like to be.

Estimating the cost of SEO projects is often difficult in itself. There are a whole lot of factors. However, in most cases, by using tools such as Majestic and Ahrefs you can find a handle on what the competition looks like. Also you can see what a ballpark approach to moving forward will look like.

2. Timeframe

The troublesome period usually crops up along with funding. There is commonly a desire to be top three in the searches within a particular time period. Again, you can’t simply dictate how long this can require.

For starters, SEO can be and usually is a shifting target. If you’re on page three and want to rank on page one, then we must do some work on how fast you’re able to proceed.

3. Keywords

Google is so smart that ranking for specific terms certainly requires the ideal content for that search term. There is no getting around you need awesome content. Keyword specific and original for successful search engine optimisation results.

The lines blur somewhat between content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. Ensure your strategy allows for this. Sometimes a keyword will be just too competitive and therfore not the best fit for you moving forward.

5. New businesses

Organic search may take time and effort. If you are in a highly competitive industry and need rapid results, then SEO may not be for you. Even in the local business area, we can observe campaigns require six months or more to really deliver the goods.

Which businesses get the most out of SEO?

We really need to work with companies that are enthusiastic about solving a solution. People who want to increase their clients and grow. These are the businesses that get the most out of search engine optimisation. People who have a real passion for their digital survival, are the ones that see the greatest benefits.

So the reality is, the outcomes from SEO can benefit almost any business. It all depends on what you are willing to put out there.

Note that getting results, especially for competitive terms, does take a little bit of time. So it is crucial that when working on SEO that you’ve got the patience and budget to support it.

Viral marketing videos can also have a huge SEO impact

If you havent already seen the video below, I suggest you check it out. You’ll be pleasantly suprised.



Jokes and playfulness to match many different tastes. This video racked up almost 5 million views within the initial 90 days.

But the viral movie wasn’t pure chance. The entire thing has been carefully orchestrated. Don’t get caught up purely on the view count though. You are still able to be successful without trying to chase the same numbers. You can break down exactly what these guys did in their quest for a successful launch. 

To put it simply, video is the ideal format for telling stories. It’s possible to link with a consumer and set a powerful emotional connection. Videos do this more so than any other content format.

When your communications enable clients to comprehend how your service will benefit their own life and increase their standing amongst people around them, not only will your ads convert better, you’ll have a customer base.

5 Awesome Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business

5 Awesome Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business

FaceBook Post Ideas | Our Top 5 Picks

5 Awesome Facebook Post Ideas

If you have stalled in your ideas of new and interesting ways to engage your audience on Facebook, then you are not alone. These techniques below have been proven to work by creating tons of shares, likes and comments, along with increased clicks through to your money site.


1. Present a problem and request guidance and feedback

“In general folks LOVE to help solve issues and also to answer questions”.

In this situation……what would you do?
Are you able to help with one of our customers tricky query?
I am searching for peoples opinions on….. what would you prefer?


2. Run a survey

Surveys are great for creating discussion but also for obtaining insights that are extremely useful about your potential clients.

Here’s a link that’ll take you to Facebook’s survey program. Click here

Some thoughts for surveys contain:

What products do you want to see us offer?
Pertaining to social media marketing, what strategy has worked for you?
Which marketing cost is your biggest concern presently?


3. Follow Friday

Give your page supporters the chance to share a link to their own digital marketing channels or their web site; not only do they get the opportunity to showcase products or their company,  it encourages people to meet with new businesses and make new links and connections.


4. Get personal

This can be the place and time where you, as a smaller business proprietor, have an inherent edge. Don’t hesitate to post and report on your own personal pictures occasionally. Doing this will distinguish yourself from other larger brands in the marketplace, and can give you that personalised service appeal.


5. Being Perfect is not a Prerequisite

Who said we must be perfect in order for the masses to enjoy us? Don’t hesitate to share your struggles in business also as this demonstrates you are genuine and not immune to set backs either. This is really an effective means to present your brand as more relatable and more understanding to approach.


The tips above are strategies that have worked for both myself and our clients, but are in no way the only ones you can focus on. I was inspired to write this post while reading an article by Kim Garst, an absolute guru in the industry. Check out her multitude of other Killer digital marketing ideas and tips on her blog.

Feel free to discuss your best thoughts on Facebook post ideas in the comments below. We would love to hear about them and share them around. 



Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies | Blogs 2019

Internet Marketing strategies can quickly become dated in an extremely tech based world. Blogging or content marketing is not exactly a new concept. There are not any lack of articles, reports, and studies emphasising what this type of advertising can do for the company. In my experience, nevertheless, most companies are completely clueless about what “the right blogging strategy” really looks like.

Here’s what a lot of folks appear to believe content marketing means:

*Write a blog – about 500 to 800 words in length
*Write one every week
*Share the post via all your social channels

Now, you’d likely be in an excellent position in the event you’d began doing this in 2003. But if you entered the game in say 2010, you are going to find that you get lost in the crowd with this aged strategy. Every single day more than 2 MILLION new site posts reach the internet. And that amount just keeps getting larger. You have to stand out with those sort of figures. The good news is that there is a way you can stand out without working more, but rather reallocating your time into the right areas.

What exactly do you need to do?

*Write a blog post once a month
*Select a 2-4 words Search Engine Optimisation key-phrase.
*Locate the most successful related article in the search results.
*Put your own spin on that already popular content.
*For each hour spent composing the post, spend 4 hours marketing it.

That’s it! So lets get into it and go deeper in these 4 steps of internet marketing strategies for smarter blogging in 2019.

#1 Identify your keyphrase

For rapid, sustainable development, both content and a good keyword phrase are needed. Excellent, shareable content that also can seduce Google’s algorithms is the ultimate goal when researching your keyword. For markets that are smaller, 2-3 word key-phrases are good, but most sites will most likely need to go after 3-4 word phrases. Try Moz keyword planner tool here.

#2 Find the most successful content

Another phase in your internet marketing strategies is identifying content which has proven to be already successful in your market. By “successful” we’re talking about societal shares (Facebook, Twitter etc) and SERP standing (ranking). The most easy way to begin would be to just enter your key-phrase and see what comes up. These findings indicated there was room to make something more powerful with this subject.

#Make your spin original and better

Most of the time you will read an article and have some interesting points of your own to make. The point of finding already successful articles is that you already know people are interested in what you are going to say. So make your content stand out and use exisiting articles as a spark to create awesome content people want to read and also share. This is the essence of superior web marketing.

#Market and promote the hell out of it

If you want to see awesome results you have to change your mindset on time allocation. Instead of writing 3 extra blogs a month, spend that time on the promotion of that one top quality blog a month. That means 4 hours constructing backlinks talking to influencers, and pursuing societal shares for every 1 hour spent composing the website content itself.

Few companies come close to carrying this out, but it’s the ONLY solution to get results that are important. Content promotion requires a bit of imagination as well as diligence. Here are several places to begin:

*Quote or reference influencers in your content and after which tell them about it
*Search dead links out and provide your articles as a replacement
*Share your content in LinkedIn, Google,Facebook and Twitter groups

If you follow these steps and apply these up to date internet marketing strategies, you cant help but stand out from the crowd and results will be sure to follow with best seo.