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We are friendly and available to chat most anytime between the hours of 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday. Reach out to us and we will happily answer your questions if we can. Our customer support and website services/ mentoring is among the best in the industry. We are passionate about our service and are always happy to find a solution to your needs. If a website build or SEO solution doesn’t already exist, we will create one for you, so don’t be afraid to discuss any issue. One of the major advantages of using DC Digital is the access to your own mentor. Unlike an account manager, your web or SEO mentor is available to advise and implement solutions to any digital marketing issues you may be working through.

Why we share our knowledge with you

“Have you ever been made to feel stupid by a website services agency? I’m not embarrassed to admit that I have and it wasn’t fun. I decided that I was going to learn everything I could about website services and share the knowledge around. Now I am in the business I love and helping other businesses succeed, but I never forget how it all started. I hope to clear away the confusion in this industry and help other business owners understand their internet marketing and associated costs.

We will show you exactly how to maximise your online marketing efforts, increase profitability and better understand your audience. Most importantly we give you the power to understand your online business presence, helping you to manage it better into the future and beyond”.

David Cronk – Founder Manager

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DC Digital were awesome at understanding my business needs online. Functionality of the site they got spot on, but more importantly they understood the tone of our business, which was the best outcome we could have hoped for. Went with them on word of mouth and they did not disappoint. Thank you guys and girls. Dr Anette Renneflott

Lead Psychologist, Integration Psychology

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