Bitcoin! Everything You Need To Know

Bitcoin! Everything You Need To Know

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, also known as Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that was invented in January 2009 by an unknown person or group using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. This currency uses decentralised technology for securely storing payments that do not require the use of a central authority like a bank or intermediaries.

As of April 2017, there were over 16.6 million Bitcoins in circulation with their total value exceeding $20 billion. Bitcoin transactions can be made without the use of a bank. Also, you do not incur any transaction fee, and you don’t need to register or give your real name when transacting. You can buy practically anything using this currency from pizza, web hosting services or even manicures.


What are the advantages of using Bitcoins?

• You can use your Bitcoins to purchase merchandise anonymously, pay any bill with a Biller code or transfer to any bank account of your choosing

• Making international payments using Bitcoins is easy and cheap because the currency is not tied to any country, and it is not subjected to regulation

• There are no credit fees involved

• You can purchase them as an investment as you wait for their value to go up.

• Bitcoin transactions are fast. You can send your money anywhere, and it arrives at less than a minute later as soon as the Bitcoin network processes the payment. Unlike bank transactions that charge you
anywhere from $10 for international transfers, international Bitcoin transactions are free.


Snapshot: Bitcoin Past Year


How to buy Bitcoin

How does this currency work?

From a user’s point of view, Cryptocurrency works more like a mobile app or computer program which provides its users with a personal Bitcoin wallet and allows users to transact with their Bitcoins.

Behind the scenes, this cryptocurrency network shares a public ledger known as the blockchain. This blockchain contains all the transactions ever processed, which permits users to verify the legitimacy of each transaction. Corresponding digital signatures protects each transaction’s authenticity to the sending address, which allows users full control over sending their Bitcoins from their Bitcoin addresses.


Who can use a Bitcoin?

Bitcoins can be used by anyone, including small businesses and individuals. Today, brick-and-mortar businesses such as law firms, restaurants, and apartments as well as online service providers like Reddit, Namecheap, and are using Bitcoins to transact. Although Bitcoin remains a relatively new phenomenon, it is growing at a fast rate.

Acquiring Bitcoins works like buying any other currency.

• You can salary sacrifice into Bitcoin. This is my preferred option. The payroll method has lower trading costs at this time. Show me how

• You can purchase Bitcoins at a Bitcoin exchange

• People can transfer or exchange Bitcoins to each other using their computers or mobile apps

• You can earn Bitcoins through competitive mining, or as a payment for goods or services


Is Bitcoin safe?

Bitcoin’s core protocol has been vetted by thousands of security gurus across the world, and so far, it has proven to be robust and reliable. Using Bitcoin is similar to using other private application on the internet like email and online banking. To access your Bitcoin, you need to have a password that ensures that your wallet is only accessible to you.

The Bitcoin future looks bright. However, Bitcoin is very different compared to any other currency you have used before. Therefore, it is essential to understand some key point and features about it before investing. At DC Digital Services, our priority is to help users understand how Bitcoins work so that they can start investing in Cryptocurrency. We provide a reliable and easy to use platform for companies and individuals looking to
invest in Bitcoins.

Want to know more? Click How to Buy Bitcoin

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Headed Down Under

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Headed Down Under

Amazon Australia is Coming

Once in a lifetime you will see an ocean of opportunity so big it almost makes your head spin. The online shopping giant Amazon is coming to Australia and there is no stopping it. With a whopping 1 out of every 2 dollars in the US being spent online with Amazon, the insane potential it brings is obvious. With over 370 million items offered on their shelves, it is far easier to find an opportunity than not to.

Australian consumers spent upward of 1 billion dollars with the US giant in 2016. Consider that spend was with waiting up to 45 days for international deliverly and paying large postage. It doesn’t take a genius to predict what is going to happen with online shopping numbers when the wait time and postage is significantly lessened with Amazon Australia.

Be Prepared and Pounce Early

I’m fairly sure most of you have heard people say that good business is partly being in the right place at the right time. Recognising opportunity when it presents itself and taking massive action. Well in my opinion, with Amazon coming to Australia, this is one of those “ahhh” moments. One of those business moments that forever haunt you, muttering “why didn’t I see that and act”!

We know it is coming, so what should we do about it?

Well I believe a major opportunity lies in affiliate websites and marketing. If you have never heard of affiliate marketing before, that’s ok. It is not confusing or hard to set up and the rewards are about to skyrocket with Amazon Australia. I will break it down simply so we can get on the same page, and then I will expand.

Step.1 Build an Affiliate Website

Step.2 Become an Affiliate Reseller of Amazon Products

Step.3 Choose your Products and start Earning (What’s trending on Google?)seo services brisbaneI realise I have explained that very simply, but at its core the process really is that easy. If you are prepared to invest the time and energy in the initial set up phase, the earning potential is truly amazing. With every sale being made through your site you receive a commission from Amazon. The best part about this is that even if the shopper does not buy your product, and goes on to buy something else online, you still get the commission! How awesome is that! You see because they entered Amazon through your affiliate websites, you still get paid. What I find most amazing about this is that Amazon basically do all the work. They market the product, take the order, wrap and deliver it. When it comes to the old saying “Money for Jam”, I’m pretty sure this structure of online business fits perfectly.


Affiliate Websites

How Much Does It Cost To Set-Up?

Your account with Amazon is free. In some cases affiliate websites programs will review your site as an apropriate on-seller of their products and then give you the green light. If you want to see how easy it is to set up an account, check out the American Amazon sign up here. Within their platform they provide you with everything you need to monitor and optimise your site. A complete analytics is already built in so you can track all your visitors and sales.

Your expense is the affiliate website. When you consider how much a regular business costs to set up with leases, insurances, stocking, staffing and after market guarantees etc, $1500 – $2000 is a drop in the ocean. The potential for massive affiliate website results with Amazon coming to Australia has never been so great.

Which business niche should I choose?

It has been stated that media items like books and music will be first in the roll out, along with electronics and of course apparel. They plan to set up distribution warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This will expand over time so do not get bogged down into these niches. Market research has to be conducted for any product you decide on, so let your mind run free.

Start Growing Your followers NOW!


If you want to get started building your affiliate websites and subsequent social media marketing account set-ups and strategies, get in touch.

Abundance | Learn the Secret of the Rich & Famous

Abundance | Learn the Secret of the Rich & Famous

Programming the Mind

Suggestions and affirmations consistently work best when you replicate them, not just consciously, but also subconsciously. I know many successful  people who practice these affirmations in their business everyday. Make no mistake about it, they work. The subconcious mind is such a powerful tool but like anything it requires training and practice to unlock its potential.

As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

Most people carry a proposal around like “My work is not fun and good jobs have to be so difficult to get. I have to work very hard and struggle simply to just get by”.

If you study the super-abundant people, you discover they’re carrying around a different sort of inner program. They have chosen affirmations of another nature. They make the rules. They do not follow them. It’s merely a choice you may not have understood was accessible to you.

Most folks = “My work is not fun”

Richard Branson = “I shall just do it if it is fun”.

Most people = “It will not work”.

Steve Jobs = “It WILL work. Now we’ve decided, let us start figuring out how”.

Most folks = “Individuals are difficult”.

Oprah = “People are unbelievable”.


The most effective personal development tool on earth is energy. Along with your own personal energy is ideal for unlocking your own destiny. To put it differently, you already have all you require. When you understand how to exploit it … Watch out world!

As Nicola Tesla stated “If you would like to discover the secrets of this world, think concerning energy, vibration and frequency.”

As soon as you start trying search for the logical and rationalise answers too much, you gamble with becoming disconected from these natural energies. Try to find your true balance between the both your mind and spirit. 

Below is a video where Tony Robbins talks about how the universe will pay whatever price you ask of it. He goes onto talk about how to ask intelligently, but I urge to check it out if you haven’t already. If you want to take it a step further check out his coaching here.

5 Steps to Unlocking Abundance in your Business & Personal Life


1. Money is evil

Your beautiful parents may have assisted you to cement this profound belief within your spirit, but it is not correct. Not all rich folks are seedy drug retailers or have acquired their wealth by swindling people out of the lunch money. There’s a gorgeous and conscious method to call at the money. Money can produce and support liberty, joy, creativity, experience and a lot of other wondrous things. Try and concentrate on the positive effect that cash can get in people’s lives. It does not bring joy (it may occasionally), but it’s a potent reminder that MONEY IS ENERGY.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Recall and affirm that cash is a stream of energy in your life to encourage you. It is a mutual trade based on what you’re offering with your own vibration.


2. You can’t be seen as desperate

But can you pick up the small shiny coin at the Woolworths parking lot, or do you really feel ashamed and think others may see you and believe you are desperate? Does fear of judgment make you quit and avoid some things?

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: allow the Universe to understand you’re GRATEFUL for each tiny bit of good fortune you’re presented with. Gather up that coin and say thank you. Acknowledge it. Thank it.


3. Keep it tidy

How that you maintain your cash provides the Universe a hint as to whether or not you are prepared for your luck to multiply. Ensure that your invoices are neatly organized or your purse is in some type of order. Declutter it and eliminate the trash you do not need like receipts etc. Respecting your moolah will go a very long way.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Enjoy your money and your cash will love you back and MULTIPLY. Mind trick is to also wrap or place your money with the largest note displayed to you. The video above explains how it can move your mindset further.


4. Stop complaining

When you consistently say that things are “too expensive” or you verbally express fear about spending cash then it deactivates your aims to draw in more abundance. Enjoy your accounts, thank your cash because it exchanges hands.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Choose your words wisely and keep in mind that your words trigger your vibrations and then return to you personally as your own reality.


5. Put a value on your time

Are you too nice and not able to say no to people if they ask for your aid? Would you really feel weird charging family or friends for your experience? Even if it is a discounted rate you will need to appreciate your own time and set a dollar value on in. Why? Since you’re worthy. It reveals to the Universe each and every hour of this day that you are open to the flow of wealth.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: make certain to respect your time in most situations.


Is Search Engine Optimisation the right direction for you and your Business?

Is Search Engine Optimisation the right direction for you and your Business?

SEO, Yes or No?

This may seem strange coming from a search engine optimization man, but there are many scenarios where organic search might not be the best option for any particular marketing challenge.

In fact, there are times when SEO is just simply not a very good fit. In this blog, I am going to look at some common scenarios we see at DC Digital where we’ve been contacted re commencing some SEO works but have replied back that we believe that SEO is either not aligned with their requirements or there’s some other sort of mismatch (speed, budget, etc).

5 Factors you need to consider when deciding on Search Engine Optimisation


1. Budget

This is the first and most frequent problem we see. The company would like to rank for any given term within a predetermined time period to get a set budget. In the end, you must survey the landscape; and if you are a local business or a national business, you ought to be realistic about what your spend needs to be to effectively move you to wherever you would like to be.

Estimating the cost of SEO projects is often difficult in itself. There are a whole lot of factors, however, in most cases, by using tools such as Majestic and Ahrefs you can find a handle on what the competition looks like and what a ballpark approach to moving forward will look like.

2. Timeframe

The troublesome period usually crops up along with funding, and there’s commonly a desire to be top three in the searches within a particular time period. Again, you can’t simply dictate how long this can require.

For starters, SEO can be and usually is a shifting target. What’s more, if you’re on page three and want to rank in the top three listings on page one, then we must do some work for a handle on how fast you’re able to proceed.

4. Keywords

Ultimately, Google is so smart today that ranking for specific terms certainly requires the ideal content for that search term. There is no getting around you need awesome content, keyword specific and original for successful search engine optimisation results.

The lines blur somewhat between content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO once we get into the keyword spectrum, so ensure your strategy allows for this. Sometimes a keyword will be just too competitive and therfore not the best fit for you moving forward in your niche.

5. New businesses

Organic search may take time and effort, so if you are setting up in an existing and highly competitive industry and absolutely need rapid results, then SEO may not be right for you. Even in the local business area, we can observe campaigns require six months or more to really deliver the goods.

Which businesses get the most out of SEO?

We really need to work with companies that are enthusiastic about solving a solution to their clients and want to enlarge, but aren’t certain how to make that occur. These are the businesses that get the most out of search engine optimisation. People and owners who get involved and have a real passion for their digital survival are the ones that see the greatest benefits.

So the reality is, the outcomes from SEO can benefit almost any business, it all depends on what you are willing to put out there.

Note that getting results, especially for competitive terms, does take a little bit of time and so it is crucial that when working on a search engine optimisation project that you’ve got the patience and budget to support such an undertaking.

Viral marketing videos can also have a huge SEO impact

If you havent already seen the video below, I suggest you check it out. You’ll be pleasantly suprised.



With jokes and playfulness to match many different tastes, this video racked up almost 5 million views within the initial 90 days.

But the viral movie wasn’t pure chance. The entire thing has been carefully orchestrated. Don’t get caught up purely on the view count though. You are still able to be successful without trying to chase the same numbers, if you break down exactly what these guys did in their quest for a successful launch. 

To put it simply, video is the ideal format for telling stories. It’s possible to link with a consumer and set a powerful emotional connection with your audience via using movie, more so than any other content format.

“When your communications enable clients to comprehend how your service will benefit their own life and increase their standing amongst people around them, not only will your ads convert better, you’ll have a customer base”.

3 Digital Marketing trends you have to try in your Business 2017

3 Digital Marketing trends you have to try in your Business 2017

Remember Digital Marketing Trends are Forever Changing

Firstly let me begin with that if you want your business to keep up with todays technology, you have to have a set digital marketing strategy in place. No amount of tips will work if you are trying with no plan or consistency. Boring lecture out of the way now we can begin. We as a people are racing through this digital world, and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. In this digital universe new fads and latest shooting stars are born faster then the blink of an eye. Some of the stick around shining brightly, while the other simply fade away. Consider the Pokemon Go craze that went absolutely nuts throughout 2016. While it hasn’t exactly disappeared, it has slowed down some. But it gave marketers a great insight into the huge possibilities of the users fascination and hence interaction with augmented reality.  Augmented realty basically meaning merging silly animations with your real world.

I use this example of the mobile app Snapchat, obviously because of the insane strong hold its had in the social media world since 2012, but also for its utilisation of another very strong marketing tool, expiring content. But what I mentioned before, we live in a  “one day you’re hot, one day you’re not” digital landscape. What consumers want and these rapidly evolving technologies, are intertwined more than ever before. So if you want to stay relevant and in the game you simply have to develop a sound marketing strategy with a massive eye on technology. So enough banter, lets now take a look at our 3 biggest digital marketing trends for 2017 to help you along hopefully.

1. Visual Content

These days we are being bombarded with information 24/7, so it no wonder we are rapidly becoming more about the “visuals”, because of the speed of information transfer. Visual information gives people a quick and clear understanding of all this information, and that is what they want. Did you know that our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. On top of this staggering stat, 90% of the info transmitted to our brains is visual. So it doesnt take genius to realise that through this we can very quickly envoke emotion very quickly and most importantly, memorably.  Enter: the huge importance of visuals to establish your brand’s identity with logos, infographics, animations, digital marketing, photos and website design etc. The list goes on but I think we all understand where this going and it isn’t going away in the near future. Check out this infographic by NatGeo. It is seriously one of the best I have seen. You can almost immediately make sense of the Manhattan’s skyline in a few seconds, its so clean.

2. Interactive Content

Basically, the driving desire behind the current demand for visual content is engagement and connection. It’s this consumer appetite for more engagement, that has highlighted to marketers to the new consumer thirst for interactive content. Interactive content means the user is getting involved through active participation. In a way, all these new forms of content like polls, contests, voting, animations and infographics are creating a new level of connectivity to the all around user experience. By inviting the user in, companies are asking us to become part of their brand, and thats what is realy exciting. Interactive content is taking connectivity to a whole new level, and they are in turn creating “brand loyalists”, rather than simply “users”. This is definitely a strategy that is leading the way in 2017 and will continue well into 2018. Check out this BuzzFeed quiz for an awesome example of how to increase traffic and enhance user interactivity.

3. Live Video

Another variation of visual content is you guessed it, videos, and few have greater influence in the marketplace. Video holds immense power to connect with consumers and transfer massive amounts of info, evoke feelings and action within a matter of seconds. Video content is so much on the the rise that since 2015, video content has accounted for 50% of mobile phone usage, thats is crazy, and it is still very much on the rise. It is very much this “live element” that can add a personal and human component to our brands. And of course along with this comes increases feelings of honestly, trust and connection with our consumers. So obviously brands are now “going live” to heighten these positive emotions. Businesses are now able to promote ahead of time and then connect in real-time with their consumers. Consider some companies who are already doing these “Behind the Scenes” videos for example. They are simply live streaming their events and inviting consumers to comment in a live debate, making the consumers feel involved and part of the whole branding process. In most cases your consumers will promote your events or products for you, given you provide a designated hashtag. This live video marketing can be so successful, we strongly suggest you look into it.

Content Development | The game has Changed 

Content Development | The game has Changed 

How many times should I repeat a keyword? The Content Development Process

This is an interesting development and a question that has been asked a lot over the life span of SEO content development. In the beginning it was more of a black and white answer, as many times as you can. Now with the latest developments of Google semantics (meaning search engines are now taking into account content in general, identifying and disqualifying lower-quality content). You do not need to even contain the key word at all anymore really. I know of hundreds of first place websites for key words that are tough, which don’t even have the key word on their page. Obviously I’m not advising that strategy, I mention it only to illustrate this major shift in the content development process.

So basically it all means that you should be focusing on general issues rather than individualised key words. For those who have your primary keyword in your mind this is not a bad thing to do and remains a highly effective practice. What I am saying is simply make sure you do not focus on only attempting to contain the keyword specific. Rather compose excellent content generally around your keywords and write for humans not the search engines. In this regard I think content writing has become easier and far less confusing to produce which is better for all of us.


“That perfect mix of copy content to keyword ratio can also be specific to the type of industry and competition level”


Here is a quick run down of what I do and enjoy heaps of success with:

a) I use a precise match for the keyword in my H1 title tags. Usually I will try and put the keyword somewhere in the middle, not at the beginning. See above in this article for an example, you will notice the keyword “content development” toward the end rather than the beginning.

b) In the Meta description I will usually also exact match my primary key word but will also try to work in a powerful related keyword. Again I try to work the exact match into the middle of my description.

d) With regard to H2 and H3 tags though out the article, I will again make use of the related keywords here too. For example above in the H2 tag (bolded), I have used a powerful variation of the primary  key word content development, that being “copy content”. But you could also mention variations of your main keywords something like “content writing” or “writing for SEO” to lists a couple of examples.

In conclusion, this is what is working at the moment for me and I am getting consistent results using this keyword strategy. The main thing is that you are writing great content, original and something that people will want to read, use and share. If you put just a little extra thought into it, you will evade the risk of sounding spammy and being penalised in the search engines. If you want to learn more about writing for SEO, do yourself a favour and check out the video below by the world renowned content marketing guru Neil Patel.


Happy content writing




Website Cost for Small Business

Website Cost for Small Business

Website Cost for Small Business

A web site that is professional is paramount now given the competitive market we live in, and tenfold for small businesses looking to get a leg up. Website cost for small business is measured by the professionalism you wish to present. The look and feel to possible clients can mean the difference between an order being placed by them with you or going elsewhere. If you are happy to have just a point of contact for clients then a simple website it best. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, a standard template with stock images and recycled content will not do. You need to be vibrant and original and offer something or an experience that your competitors do not.
Its not just about the design at first glance, which really detracts from your professional look; but in addition, it has to do with inferior functionality as well as colour selections, cramped text and error-riddled content. Research suggests that sub par website design can detract from marketability and your company reputation, leading to a reduced ability to improve conversion rates.

What Drives Price

Many variables drive price, especially the reality that responsive interactive design is only on the increase. Currently there are more than 230 potential display sizes. Therefore more and more money hours are being spent to ensure a high quality website design that is practical  and reactive across all visitors devices. Enhancing visitor experience pays off. 63% of activities caused by mobile searches happen within one hour of the hunt. Web sites that are not simple to browse, with regards to the apparatus used or don’t load correctly, can discourage from that activity, causing consumers to go elsewhere for his or her needs. Of course all this is meaningless if your website is not in front of peoples eyes. Sites must be built in a a way so that the option to be SEO optimised in the future is always available. The conventional website cost for small business price in todays web market is around $3000 to $6,000.

“According to, studies have found that 76% of users consider the most essential aspect in the design of a web site is being able to locate the things that they need”.

You Get Everything You Really Pay For

It’s true that you can get a site that is free to build yourself or pay to get a cheap one outsourced overseas, but it’s a shortcut not recommended. Very often these options leave you unable to optimise and leave you wallowing on the lower search pages. Calculate the cost of being nowhere in the search engines to your business? Do not let yourself get behind the eight ball, particularly in those crucial early building and infrastructure stages. A mediocre existence on the internet by choosing not to go with professional will kill your opportunities of growing your business into the future.

Website Prices that are typical

Here at DC Digital digital agency, our charges are based on $85/hour and we usually charge between $1000 to $3500 for sites. This is an extremely competitive price in todays market with the average being around $100/hour and sites costing between $3000 – $6000. Please do not hesitate to call or email for a quick chat about your business.



5 Awesome Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business

5 Awesome Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business

5 Awesome Facebook Post Ideas

If you have stalled in your ideas of new and interesting ways to engage your audience on Facebook, then you are not alone. These techniques below have been proven to work by creating tons of shares, likes and comments, along with increased clicks through to your money site.


1. Present a problem and request guidance and feedback

“In general folks LOVE to help solve issues and also to answer questions”.

In this situation……what would you do?
Are you able to help with one of our customers tricky query?
I am searching for peoples opinions on….. what would you prefer?


2. Run a survey

Surveys are great for creating discussion but also for obtaining insights that are extremely useful about your potential clients.

Here’s a link that’ll take you to Facebook’s survey program. Click here

Some thoughts for surveys contain:

What products do you want to see us offer?
Pertaining to social media marketing, what strategy has worked for you?
Which marketing cost is your biggest concern presently?


3. Follow Friday

Give your page supporters the chance to share a link to their own digital marketing channels or their web site; not only do they get the opportunity to showcase products or their company,  it encourages people to meet with new businesses and make new links and connections.


4. Get personal

This can be the place and time where you, as a smaller business proprietor, have an inherent edge. Don’t hesitate to post and report on your own personal pictures occasionally. Doing this will distinguish yourself from other larger brands in the marketplace, and can give you that personalised service appeal.


5. Being Perfect is not a Prerequisite

Who said we must be perfect in order for the masses to enjoy us? Don’t hesitate to share your struggles in business also as this demonstrates you are genuine and not immune to set backs either. This is really an effective means to present your brand as more relatable and more understanding to approach.


The tips above are strategies that have worked for me, but are in no way the only ones you can focus on. I was inspired to write this post while reading an article by Kim Garst, an absolute guru in the industry. Check out her multitude of other Killer digital marketing ideas and tips on her blog.

Feel free to discuss your best thoughts on Facebook post ideas in the comments below. We would love to hear about them and share them around.



Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies | Blogs 2017

internet marketing strategies

Internet Marketing strategies can quickly become dated in an extremely tech based world. Blogging or content marketing is not exactly a new concept. There are not any lack of articles, reports, and studies emphasising what this type of advertising can do for the company. In my experience, nevertheless, most companies are completely clueless about what “the right blogging strategy” really looks like.

Here’s what a lot of folks appear to believe content marketing means:

*Write a blog – about 300 to 500 words in length
*Write one every week
*Share the post via all your social channels

Now, you’d likely be in an excellent position in the event you’d began doing this in 2003. But if you entered the game in say 2010, you are going to find that you get lost in the crowd with this aged strategy. Every single day more than 2 MILLION new site posts reach the internet. And that amount just keeps getting larger. You have to stand out with those sort of figures. The good news is that there is a way you can stand out without working more, but rather reallocating your time into the right areas.

What exactly do you need to do?

*Write a blog post once a month
*Select a 2-4 words Search Engine Optimisation key-phrase.
*Locate the most successful related article in the search results.
*Put your own spin on that already popular content.
*For each hour spent composing the post, spend 4 hours marketing it.

That’s it! So lets get into it and go deeper in these 4 steps of internet marketing strategies for smarter blogging in 2017.

#1 Identify your keyphrase

For rapid, sustainable development, both content and a good keyword phrase are needed. Excellent, shareable content that also can seduce Google’s algorithms is the ultimate goal when researching your keyword. For markets that are smaller, 2-3 word key-phrases are good, but most sites will most likely need to go after 3-4 word phrases. Try Moz keyword planner tool here.

#2 Find the most successful content

Another phase in your internet marketing strategies is identifying content which has proven to be already successful in your market. By “successful” we’re talking about societal shares (Facebook, Twitter etc) and SERP standing (ranking). The most easy way to begin would be to just enter your key-phrase and see what comes up. These findings indicated there was room to make something more powerful with this subject.

#Make your spin original and better

Most of the time you will read an article and have some interesting points of your own to make. The point of finding already successful articles is that you already know people are interested in what you are going to say. So make your content stand out and use exisiting articles as a spark to create awesome content people want to read and also share.

#Market and promote the hell out of it

If you want to see awesome results you have to change your mindset on time allocation. Instead of writing 3 extra blogs a month, spend that time on the promotion of that one top quality blog a month. That means 4 hours constructing backlinks talking to influencers, and pursuing societal shares for every 1 hour spent composing the content itself.

Few companies come close to carrying this out, but it’s the ONLY solution to get results that are important. Content promotion requires a bit of imagination as well as diligence. Here are several places to begin:

*Quote or reference influencers in your content and after which tell them about it
*Search dead links out and provide your articles as a replacement
*Share your content in LinkedIn, Google,Facebook and Twitter groups

If you follow these steps and apply these up to date internet marketing strategies, you cant help but stand out from the crowd and results will be sure to follow with best seo.



Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO | How to Market for Free


small business seo


1. Build a true and active social following

By simply being typical with your small business seo, you’re not going to bring followers, especially not loyal interactive ones. You’ll have to put out fascinating exceptional content so that you can develop a substantial following. Make sure you do not overwhelm your societal audience with promotional offers that are endless. You do not need to flood your crowd members with ads that are direct; rather flood them with interesting information that is of use to them. Put your customers and content first and this will naturally start curiosity and momentum within your online marketing campaigns.

2. Develop business alliances that will share your content and vice versa

This can be an extremely simple method instantly develop a customer base and to position your brand before an extremely targeted audience and produce sales, which provides you with more working capital. If you sit back and take moment to plan, you will be surprised at just how many people are in your personal network that are just waiting to make a connection.

3. Always participate with your customers

Who are the customers that are very best? Repeat customers. Have an e-mail list of all of your customers. You make it a point to touch base together with every one of these regularly. Send fascinating info associated with your own industry, not offers and specials only. Another time they are in the market for what you’re offering, your business services will be the very first business they think of, it is not luck.

4. Go out and mingle with the public as often as you can

Way too many new entrepreneurs believe that you slap together a small business seo website and then settle back and await the money deliveries. Successful companies gain the traction that equals success from their creator’s hustle. They sleep, eat and breathe their company, night, day and week days or weekends. So pound away and make your business an extension of yourself to create sales. Go out and speak to people. It doesn’t have to be business hours or setting to reach those potential clients and expand your brand.

5. Do something virally crazy.

Remember Red Bulls crazy videos which immediately went viral. The video made folks to take notice and undoubtedly had shock value. This helped the business rapidly assemble its fan base, which enabled it to scale to the majority position in their marketplace. Granted their campaign was definitely not free and hardly qualifies for small business seo but their example sparks the imagination. So free yourself and do not be afraid to get out of tradition business comfort zones.


Best SEO

Best SEO

Best SEO | Engaging Content + High Rankings


best SEO


Nearly daily, as a site owner, you most likely see a message from a Search Engine Optimisation service in your inbox. The organisation promises to be the “greatest Search Engine Optimisation service” and guarantees that their affordable Search Engine Optimisation service will propel your site to the very top of the internet search engine positions instantly. Could a top SEO firm, even the most effective Search Engine Optimisation service, actually influence search engine ranks so readily and easily? Of course not.

A Search Engine Optimisation service helps businesses attain top search engine rankings and may use its own in house tools to decipher data and monitor progress. Superior rankings mean nothing without customers that are happy. Our aim in providing the best SEO service will be to associate along with your firm, work with you through the steps, as mentor you in building a multi-channel digital advertising strategy, that brings your business traffic, recognition and favourable customer reviews. The most effective Search Engine Optimisation service should use simply, the most effective Search Engine Optimisation techniques, at costs that are reasonable to the client. Our website optimisation services are completely white hat. For those who do not understand what this means, simply put, it means our service practices are legal and inline with search engines terms of conduct.


The Best SEO Understands its Target Audience

The best seo services that are most effective, comprehends the intention and the conduct of their Internet users. Our sites will not only rank well on search engines, they will earn raving reviews.
Search Engine Optimisation should make an effort to deliver greater than its customers anticipate. The SEO service also needs to be transparent about its procedures, so when the time comes to part ways, you have the skills to steer your online presence in the right direction, up!


3 Key Points to Keep in Mind

Success: As a Search Engine Optimisation service, we’re nothing without our customers. It’s our passion to aid businesses realise their potential online which will drive the results in your favour. You will realise why we really are the most effective Search Engine Optimisation service when you see this in action.

Receptivity: Receptivity is among the central principles that makes our agency the most effective Search Engine Optimisation service. Because we don’t hide our intellectual property from our clients, we are able to have much more open conversations regarding strategies. This gives our clients a greater understanding of the costs and why it is necessary to spend on those works.

Provocativeness: The main occupation of any good SEO company will be to comprehend the intricacies of internet search engine algorithms. Occasionally the most effective optimisation techniques transform weekly. It is our job keep up to date with these changes, adapt the service to keep pace and inform you of these changes when they occur.


Web Design Services

Web Design Services

Web Design Services | Choose Carefully


web design services


There’s is an age old adage that says you just get one opportunity to make a good first impression. The typical person in Australia will spend less than ten seconds on your website. If your web design can not reach out and capture their attention in this time frame, you’ve lost the fight before it even gets started. This is why it is so crucial to do your homework when it comes to choosing the right web design services for your business. At DC Digital we provide the maximum quality web site design and SEO services in the market. We provide a full range of services, from start up to even helping businesses turn your lacklustre website into one which has a fantastic conversion rate. We consider that we are only as successful as the level of success we help our clients attain.


Web Design Services | One Chance to Make a First Impression

Just such as the day you met that one particular someone in your life, your web site just gets one shot at creating a great first impression. Now your web design should be as visually appealing as the latest sports car; if not your potential customers are simply going to cruise on to among the competition. At DC Digital we offer superior web site design services which will make your website “pop”. Our expert web site design team has the ability, the expertise, as well as the ability to make a web design for you that will draw in the traffic and keep it onsite increasing your conversion rates.


Our SEO Optimised Website Design Services | Increases Your Sales

Getting people to see and go to your site is just one half of the large picture; you must then give them a reason to stay. A completely optimised web design is not only visually appealing, it’s also fully working and easy to navigate. This implies your business is user friendly also and straight forward to deal with. Not only will our web site design team give your site the ultimate competitive advantage, they’ll do their part to assist your website continue to rank higher on search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo !


We Make 24/7 Access to Your Website Easy

We are aware that it’s essential in your web site design to make it possible for you to be able to access your site easily, so that you can make instant developments to the information. Having access to our Website Mentors, we give you the keys to the backdoor so you can make the essential changes to your own internet site.

Over time our team of professionals have helped dozens of businesses improve sales simply by integrating a modern design and also Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques on their website. Clients in many cases are so impressed by the results attained, they can be very happy to discuss their experience. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email.



Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Channels & Trends 2017


Digital marketing channels


Digital Marketing Channels Breakdown


1. Marketers Must Consider Cellular First

Now, cellular (mobile), is already among the fastest-growing media stations in history, and nothing has changed in 2017. If businesses would like to reach consumers, marketers will need to prioritise it more than ever before. Has taken not even five years for cellular to shift from an emerging side option, to the newest normal. Almost two thirds of Australians own smartphones, which is an amount not very likely to stop growing in the coming years.

“Experts predict that mobile advertising spends will surpass desktop computer by 2018”

As the purchasing procedure as well as the digital marketing channels continue to evolve, brands that leverage their cellular advertising attempts to enhance should reap the benefits. In the year ahead, eMarketer magazine says, advertising formats getting better all the time and consumer use will continue to drive advertising dollars toward cellular. Mobile will supply a unique surroundings to marketers/ businesses to collect multidimensional consumer data, which can be utilised to better personalise messages.



2. Social Networking is Turning into a Mainstream Advertising Station


In 2017, social networking businesses from Facebook to Instagram, are trying to bulk up their advertising offerings, which are revolutionary and continue growing into leading players for advertising dollars. Since the huge firms that are societal have constructed participating audiences, their focus is turning towards helping businesses reach their target audiences, and monetising them. Of all the networks that are social,

Social Media Giant Facebook is the most widely used for marketers, according to Socially Conscious info. The world’s biggest social network has worked recently to become cellular-first and build out a top notch advertising system. Targeting tools and Facebook’s information enable businesses/ marketers to personalise their societal efforts at scale.

Instagram, which shares targeting systems and parents Facebook’s information, has changed into a favourite among beauty and fashion brands using its visual format. With offerings like carousel advertising,  the photo-sharing program gives their space and tools to businesses and marketers to entice consumers.

Twitter is looking to find methods to aid marketers leverage the societal audience it’s constructed, despite coming off of a difficult year. Some of its upgrades including its Minutes attribute, conversion metrics, and occasions targeting, places it as a strong channel for real time participation.

Snapchat, the goto messaging program for many users that were younger, has begun to provide marketers targeting skills and advertising areas also. The program has set itself apart with its highly-coveted highly participated – Gen and millennial Z user base.

“Social media is used by 65% of adults”

With societal now considered an area where businesses can discover highly-targeted audiences, and monitor their efforts with granular metrics, promoting and understanding about social media has never been more important to the longevity of your marketing business.



3. On-Line Video Might Find its Star Glow Bright


On-Line video is fast learning to be an important digital marketing channels for a lot of marketers. Societal firms like Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook are finding approaches to incorporate strong video offerings to their advertising systems. A couple of regions that are budding contain auto play videos, native in-program live streaming and video advertising. From tablet computers and smartphones to desktop computers, video views are upwards across all apparatus, which makes it more essential for businesses to build multi platform video advertising strategies. Until this point, we’ve seen video via a relatively one dimensional lens. In the following year we will see the streaming experience, or the live video, be strong. Individuals possess a substantially greater desire shared encounters, in the minute.

Decidedly, advertisements that are brief are winning. Yahoo’s research demonstrates 61% of consumers prefer advertising which might be 30 seconds or less, which brevity makes for an excellent video advertising encounter. It is more efficient to front load advertising with vital messages in order that they stick together with the consumer. Video might be worth considerably more in the case of a picture being worth a thousand words.




How to Make Money Building Websites

How to Make Money Building Websites

Make Money Building Websites | Keep or Sell?


make money building websites


Building profitable sites in the past was confusing and often not very profitable, but lately is has become a lot simpler. Among the different advantages is that these sites can be launched with almost no start-up capital. Usually, all that is wanted is a domain name and hosting account, which may be bought from the more important suppliers for around $100 per year. Of course with anything, some basic web building knowledge is very advantageous but not roadblock to the hard worker.  The death of any roadblock type barriers to enter into the online world,  has made this an appealing version for people with little cash and a lot of time.


Make money building websites | Which way should you go?


A lesser-known business model that has been gaining traction is the selling and the building of these sites to portfolio investors. Many web site builders prefer to sell their websites and utilise that cash injection to construct teams to replicate the procedure many times over. This is a different model of course from the building of affiliate sites and earning money directing from the site, rather than from its outright sale. Both are great ways on how to make money building websites.


Here are ten ideas that will help you get started, whether or not you know your particular business model or not yet:

1. Market choice (and keyword research) is essential.

Do not trouble yourself with targeting a wide business field. Instead, target a subset of that business field or a “market”. The less competitive a field is, the faster your exposure and subsequent income/ return on investment will be.

2. WordPress makes building sites simple.

3. Begin with uncomplicated monetisation strategies.

4. Money-making sites are better, although beginner sites are fine.

Before they are even bringing money in it’s possible for you to sell unproven websites (beginner sites). The benefit in this fact is that you will not have to wait for the website to grow to the stage that you are making money.

5. Make it look Great! Does it seem like it was constructed with a template hundreds of other websites are built on? Not too amazing.

6. Everyone makes errors on their very first few websites. Don’t be put off if you fail a few times, we have all been there.

7. Plan a simple transition for the brand new buyer when selling your beginner sites. This will get good word of mouth, nothing worse then a messy handover.

8. Try to find a strategic buyer.

A portfolio investor/buyer may simply value the website through a multiple of profit, however a strategic investor could have a lot more to get through your users, traffic, etc. If they are in a competitive or similar business, they could be prepared to purchase your website for a premium price.

9. Until the deal is finished, continue to run the website.

Continue to run the website like it was being kept by you until the deal has been completely concluded.

10. Don’t be afraid to get some help in the beginning.

There is a modest but fast growing sector of web site sellers, buyers, and investors doing millions of dollars in transactions monthly. The best means to learning how to make money building websites in this ever evolving business sector is simply to begin!



Best Websites

Best Websites

Best Websites | Know which Road to Take | Built or Build Your Own?


Best Websites


There’s been a substantial uptake of free “build your own” best websites platforms by certain companies over the past few years. Apparently, over 10,000 companies took up the free site offer sponsored by Westpac and MYOB, and more lately by free web site builder software like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly. These have become quite popular for new and small companies, Shopify being most popular for the ecommerce sites.

At face value, these free best websites builder tools seem quite appealing – But do they create enquiries? They make guarantees of being simple to produce and release, while you sleep, and that they are going to generate company revenue. To the uninitiated, these guarantees seem quite appealing, especially when they’re free. At a technical degree these tools are fairly smart, but you’re on your own to produce your site in a ‘paint-by-numbers’ surroundings. Many individuals spend heaps, even hundreds of hours designing a web site that’s free (at least initially), but their site does not create any enquiries for them. The truth is that the  fact that simply having a web site is not enough on its own.

Best Websites Options | Are sites that are free actually search optimised?

From a search engine standpoint, it’s relatively deceptive that these sites promise to be optimised for search. ‘Organic SEO’ is a specialist area where top positions are sought after and highly challenged. Its simply not possible that a paint-by-numbers web site builder will deliver organic search visitors to your site. We discover that free sites have really tried and have arrived at the realisation they just do not rank well on Google. Getting visitors to your free site is the first big hurdle. This really is usually a function of satisfying content expectations that visitors feel compelled to create, and consistently delivering a great visitor experience.

The complimentary web site tools provide an assortment of layout templates to chose from and many are now cellular optimised, but is this enough? In just about all instances we discover this isn’t the situation. Structure of your content and enquiry conversions is a function of several components. Great design of the best websites is the entire site, not just the aesthetics but also its structure and its ability to be optimised down the track. The procedure of raising the quantity of conversions by means of a well designed website is known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Through training as well as experience, the Adhesion team has gotten exceptionally proficient at understanding how different customers act on various sites.

Best Websites Value | So what is the actual worth?

The website or online store, is now the front store/ shop front for a lot of companies in the internet world of today’s business. If a fresh customer is of material value to your organisation, then it is a false market to invest your effort into a free site, that may just restrict your capability to bring new internet visitors and revenue.

Here’s our check list of elements which make a great web site:
1. An excellent web site includes a content structure that aligns with exceptional usability in order that visitors can very quickly discover what they’re searching for and enquire.

2. It should contain rich content about your goods and services, and this content should have been created specifically for your web site. The content should represent the language, lingo and style of your customer audience..

3. The content should contain top quality pictures which are related to the copy. Video ought to be utilised where it makes sense also.

4. Its particular content and the site must conform to the guidelines of Google for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), as well as content in the pages be precisely tuned to target your most important keywords.

5. Clear pathways ought to be observable through the content, directing visitors to the regions of the site that generate leads or encourage further interaction. This consists of utilising clear and highly visible CTA (Call to actions), encouraging internet visitors to connect with your company offering.

6. Best Websites should be wrapped in an extremely attractive design that represents the branding of your organisation.

7. The website design must be completely reactive regardless of the apparatus used by the visitor – tablet PC, mobile or desktop computer.

8. It should be designed with a look to future if optimisation is required.

The aforementioned points come from an assortment of skill sets including internet marketing, content writing, search engine optimisation, web design and web development (programming). It is hard for one individual to be qualified in each one of these abilities, let alone a novice starting out. In the event you actually wish to go down the trail of creating your own website and we urge you to do your research. Early mistakes are sometimes impossible to be undone, especially with regards to SEO.

If you have already found out the hard way that free website building is not that amazing, we’ve developed best websites packages that includes all the required elements at an affordable cost. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat.



E Marketing

E Marketing

E Marketing | Powerful Connections


E Marketing


E marketing (email marketing) is known to be among the most powerful advertising channels . Exactly why is a powerful email marketing strategy so significant? An awesome email marketing strategy, as part of a business plan and your total marketing strategy, will help you promote your services and product. Together with using the e-mail channel, it will create the greatest opportunities for achieving your targets and making a profit. A powerful email marketing strategy transforms thoughts into activities. People reading your campaign should be compelled to interact with you and subsequently contact you.

First establish aspirations and your companies aims within your niche of email marketing, then take these 3 steps:

1. What is the E marketing strategy you are planning to reach your desired targets?

2. Email marketing strategies: How are you going to reach them?

3. Activities: How are you planning to deliver on your online strategies?


No Brainer | E Marketing

Your email marketing plan will need to have a powerful bond between your strategy and the activities you’re performing in executing this plan. E marketing places your message in the face of plenty of prospective clients,  and has the potential to get a very large reach/ audience. It’s really simple to start a campaign off and can begin with so little. E-Mail marketing allows you to segment and to target your messages on an individual degree. There are threats, but they are little and the prices are comparatively low, while the potential upside remains huge. Expand your personal marketing strategy in the form of  email marketing and rediscover the power of networking persistence. While we do not manage e marketing campaigns we highly recomend the practice and advise you implement one as part of growing your audience.

Compile a “to do list” for every single marketer, and for every single potential marketer and place it at the very top of your agenda in your online market strategy.



Marketing Web

Marketing Web

The Marketing Web | Increase or Decrease | How & Where


marketing web


Advertising is generally the primary place to get cut back or completely cut within a slowdown, should this change? This depends on several questions and is an excellent point. I have always lent toward cutting back in other areas and streamlining my marketing web perhaps, but never to cut out all together. I know it can be difficult to keep spending when the bills are piling up. But with good research, you can analyse enough data that your educated guess is far more in your favour than against. Below is a short list with a few questions you have to ask yourself when these tough decisions occur.

On keeping your current customers or clients; Will cutting back on your marketing web/ advertising impact them?
Are you going to have to lift your customer base to stay feasible?
By enlarging your product / service base, is it possible to close the earnings gap?
Is it possible to enter new marketplaces within in your particular niche which are not as competitive?
Before reductions or promotions are to be made, the aforementioned questions should be thoughtfully considered.


Cost Factors in the Marketing Web

Product/ service costs, as well as advertising/ marketing costs, is just another variable that must be considered. In several businesses price competition increases drastically as companies attempt to maintain capacity client volumes to secure their turnover, income and marketing share. One strategy I have always included is a balance between my SEM (pay per click advertising for example), and my SEO (increasing my natural site ranking) budget and campaigns. In tougher times, like 2013 during the GFC, I reduced my spend on paid ads and instead kept a trickle budget toward my SEO. It is entirely up to you and depends on your particular business.  Remember good internet marketing is a mix of great creativity on the back of solid data research.

Please contact us to have chat in the event that you’d like to learn more about which web marketing is right for you.





SEM SEO | What are they and what is the difference?



SEM SEO are critical marketing elements to consider in todays business world that is now digital. But it appears that even some marketers and most business owners don’t actually comprehend what they truly mean and their differences. What’s SEM? Do I need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Both these questions are good questions and need to be asked. So lets look at some of the dissimilarity between SEM SEO?


What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is simply the way your company is symbolised or shown in the search results, according to the user’s keyword search and your choice of marketing online. You can find a variety of instances and examples of SEM below.

Organic – this is about showing up at no cost in search results.
Paid Advertisements or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) – search engines let you create paid advertising campaigns according to geography and keywords to narrow down the kind of users you would like to reach. PPC (pay per click) is just what it’s called. This is the most rapid strategy for showing up in a top position of the search results.
The way your business is viewed online can be dramatically impacted by your appearance on social media.
On-Line Directories – there’s no lack of directories that are on-line. Ensuring your company is recorded and is recorded right in those directories, should be part of each and every SEM strategy, particularly for mortar and brick businesses.


What is SEO?

By optimising your site you will show up higher in organic search engine results, and that is the bottom line. Search Engine Optimisation is about getting quality web traffic, for a far reduced cost looking into the future. This usually includes two strategies.

ON SITE Search Engine Optimisation
Utilising the correct key word strategy in website names, headings, meta descriptions, etc.
Quality blogging.
The speed of your web site.
Social networking integration.
Many more, plus.

OFF SITE Search Engine Optimisation
Having a quality authoritive web site, or back linking strategy linked back to your own internet website.
Social media existence.
Local on-line directories or listings.
Many more here, also.



SEM SEO | How long and which one?


Is SEO a one time fix?

Sadly, due to how often the search engines alter their search algorithms, Search Engine Optimisation just isn’t a one time fix. Your strategy must continuously adjust to the ever changing search platform. We make sure, however, we take on a Search Engine Optimisation job to follow Google’s guidelines. We maximise your web site for what Google is looking for . SEM SEO will always be dictated by these algorithm changes, and it is the job of any good SEO company / digital marketer to keep ahead of  them where possible.


Do I want Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

In the event that you plan on being around the internet, and you want a successful company, then an SEO SEM strategy must be a part of your advertising efforts. In the event that you told a prospective client to look you up online, and you’re hard to locate, you’ve almost surely lost a customer. Perhaps even more when we consider how damaging bad word of mouth can be to our businesses.

Now that you simply understand the difference between SEM & SEO, it is up to you to decide which strategy will best suit your business needs. If you require further information call us for a chat or send us an email, we are happy to help.



Google Ranking

Google Ranking

Google Ranking Explained


Google Ranking


If you want to truly understand Google ranking, you have to first understand what Google is and what their mission is.  Google is an internet platform for searching the contents of the internet, simple as that. Their main goal is to return to their client (you) the very best results to match your search request. In order to perform your request, they gather information matching your search criteria. Now imagine you were Google for a moment and look at your website or blog. Ask yourself how do I stand out above the rest? Based on what you see, would you view yourself as an authority above others on a particular subject (search term). Google is basically looking for the most popular person in school i.e. business. It does not only take into consideration how many friends you have, how many awards you have won  or how many assignments you have written in your own school but also those at other schools and what they are saying about you etc. Apply this school of thought to your business world and that is Google ranking explained. How many assignments have you written in your field lately? How many colleagues are talking about you in social circles? What level of involvement do yo have in your particular business niche? This is the essence of ranking.

Google Ranking Explained Further


Above we explained the basic principle of Google ranking, being the authority in a particular field or subject. Now I will break that down into some points so you can better research and understand the finer details of Goole Ranking:

  • Content – Google loves original and informative content, which in turn encourages interaction and sharing (popularity in your “school” and other “schools”)
  • Keywords – Unless you designate your focus business niche words i.e. what you want to be found for, Google will have a hard time finding you
  • Linking – Both internal and external are key to letting Google know you are an authority in a your business niche (credibility = authority)
  • Sharing – Spreading your knowledge on social media outlets increases your content exposure and in turn activity within your business niche

So always remember Google only want to return the very best results to any given search so we continue using their search facility. Keeping the “school” metaphor in mind and follow its principle and you’ll never need website seo (Google ranking) explained again.



Internet Marketing Company

Internet Marketing Company

An Internet Marketing Company with a Difference



In order to be competitive in todays world of online business you must work with a transparent internet marketing company. What do we mean when we say transparent? We mean an internet marketing company who will share information/ tips with you along the way. How many times have I heard horror stories of clients having worked with internet pirates in the past. Companies who primarily have their own future earnings in mind not their clients. These people build your sites in a way that you will always need them (have to pay them) for any future changes you would like to make. In a sense it is like being held to ransom, with your own site and you paid for the experience.

Our Internet Marketing Company

We do not keep all the valuable information to ourselves. We share the process with our clients along the way as we work on your project. When we have finished your project you will have full access to the backend of your site and have full customising control into the future. So instead of calling us afterward and being charged to change a word or a picture, you are able to do it yourself. We think this is very important and is our major difference to other agencies in the marketplace. We understand that some clients prefer to have these changes done for them, and we cater for that also. Our sharing stance is made on the principle of transparency. That a customers purchase should not only include the physical site but also knowledge. Some of our clients believe that their past dealings have left them feeling tricked and tied to their internet marketing company in a way that wasn’t fully disclosed to them. That is why we offer transparent web and SEO services, so if desired you will have the skills to steer your online presence with no more large monetary investments.