SEO Marketing Strategies & Tips

Internet marketing is forever changing. With technology moving faster than ever it is hard to keep up with what are the most current and best online practices. Click on the images below to enlarge. We are regularly updating this SEO Tips page and we hope they are of help.

Do at least one thing every week

Always stay active when it comes to your SEO digital marketing, of course not to the point of harassment of your followers; we all know these folks. The search engines do include “activity” as part of their overall ranking considerations. It doesn’t matter how big or small your contribution are, you just have to be consistent. It could be in the form of a blog article or a Twitter post or even commenting on some forums that are in your business niche. Whatever it is, stick at it and you will see results with perseverance and a little bit of work.

Don’t forget about the basics  

There are 4 basics to remember about SEO; content must be relevant, interesting, valuable and continuous. If you want to create a buzz around your brand or product, its has to be relevant, but more importantly interesting, giving value to the reader. This encourages engagement, which converts to more website visits. Its easy to predict which site the search engines are going to show ithe results then, you guessed it, yours. Of course proper tags and keyword structures need to be followed also, but great content is where it all starts. 

Think about it, which content do you share via your social media channels or by word of mouth, the interesting stuff right? Chances are we are not going to share that boring article to our collegues and friends, no matter how well “SEO optimised” it was. So awesome content continues to be one of the best ways to increase your enquires and get the search engines to sit up and take notice.

Did you know that between 70% and 80% of all online users ignore the paid ads, focusing rather on the organic search results“.

 SEO Marketing Tips

Predict your audience by Geography

Small business funding is available

Please click on this link provided to go through the Queensland Governments small business digital grants page. You may be eligible for up to 10k to be used on hardware, software and services.

Influencer Marketing

Firstly let me begin with that if you want your business to keep up with todays technology, you have to have a set digital marketing strategy in place. No amount of tips will work if you are trying with no plan or consistency. Boring lecture out of the way now we can begin.

 We as a people are racing through this digital world, and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. In this digital universe new fads and latest shooting stars are born faster then the blink of an eye. Some of the stick around shining brightly, while the other simply fade away.

Consider the Pokemon Go craze that went absoutely nuts thoughout 2016. While it hasnt exactly disappeared, it has slowed down some. But it gave marketers a great insight into the huge possibilities of the users facination and hence interaction with augmented reality.  Augmented realty basically meaning merging silly animations with your real world.

I use the example of the mobile app Snapchat, obviously because of the insane strong hold its had in the social media world since 2012, but also for its utilisation of another very strong marketing tool, expiring content. But what I mentioned before, we live in a  “one day you’re hot, one day you’re not” digital landscape. What consumers want and these rapidly evloving technologies, are intertwined more than ever before. rapidly evloving technologies. So if you want to stay relevent and in the game you simply have to develop a sound marketing strategy with a massive eye on technology. So enough banter, lets now take a look at our 3 biggest digital marketing trends for 2017 to help you along hopefully.

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