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David – Websites & SEO

How I Can Help You

I can take away the confusion associated with digital online marketing and give you back control of your online business and importantly your online budgets.

I have made my reputation on sharing what I know with other people and I still get a thrill delivering more than what they expect in the results.

Increasing revenue and maximising results is great, but giving business owners peace of mind in their livelihood online is what I get most satisfaction from. I was burnt from knowing zero about web marketing once, and that’s what drives me. I now love sharing my knowledge and seeing other people succeed from my experience. 

What I Do

Hi I’m David, and I help companies increase their revenue through digital online marketing. I have been working in my own business for the past 20 years.

I have spent years building beautiful WordPress websites and implementing SEO strategies that get results. I design sites so people can access and customise their own site after handover, if they want to. I am available post build for advice and do offer a monthly website management service.

Why I Love It

I remember starting out and sitting down for the first time with a digital online marketing firm, it was so exciting. They promised so much growth for my business and that it was going to be a real partnership of skills. After a while though, I noticed I was not getting the results I was promised. I was struck how little concern they showed and my funds were fast running low.

Long story short, this firm would later run an advertisement that contravened Google guidelines, which carried with it a ban from the search engines. I had to re-brand and re-build from scratch. Its amazing how quickly you gather information and figure out what works vs what doesnt when your budget is near zero. I tried and tested numerous strategies until one month I broke through hitting 2,783 visitors to my site. I was hooked and haven’t stopped learning since. I enjoy offering business owners a real partnership online and helping them sidestep mistakes through my experiences. 

I have helped numerous businesses take control and succeed online which makes it all worthwhile. Drop me an email if you think I can help you.

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What People Have Said

We were way behind the internet band wagon until we partnered with David. Now our business is visible and we have control of our business.

Advertising Contractors


With over 50 keywords selected, ranking on page 1 was always a big ask. 7 years on and we are still leaders on Google searches, Thanks Dave.

Suncity Skylights


Dave was awesome at recognising the needs of our industry. Within 6 months we were ranking on page 1 and the business is still growing. Cheers

Inlink Constrcutions