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What I Do

I help companies increase their revenue through digital online marketing. I have been working in this field for the past 20 years.

I have spent years building beautiful WordPress websites and implementing Search Engine Optimisation strategies.

I’m available as a digital consultant and also offer web management services.

How I Can Help

I can take away the confusion associated with digital online marketing and give you back control of your online business and your budgets.

I have made my reputation on sharing what I know with my clients and delivering more than promised in the results.

Giving business owners peace of mind and confidence in their online futures is what I love to do.

Why I Love It

I remember starting out in business. Sitting down for the first time with a digital online marketing firm, I was so excited. They promised so much growth for my business, I thought it was going to be an unbelievable partnership.

After a while though, I noticed I was not getting the results I was promised. When I raised it with them, I was struck how little concern they showed. I wasn’t exactly paying them in peanuts if you know what I mean.

Long story short, this firm would later run an advertisement that contravened Google guidelines. I had to re-brand and re-build from scratch. And let me tell you, its amazing how quickly you figure out what works vs what doesnt when your budget is low.

Anyway, I tried and tested numerous strategies until one month I broke through hitting 2,783 visitors to my site. I know that doesn’t sound like much now, but I was hooked and haven’t stopped learning since. I love offering business owners a real partnership online and helping them sidestep mistakes through my experience. 

I have helped numerous businesses take control and succeed online. Get in touch if you think I can help you.


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