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Why Do Website Builds and SEO Services Prices Vary?

Pricing can be confusing and especially so when it comes to the digital marketing age. From questions like, how much should I pay for a website? to how much should I spend on SEO, if at all. Unfortunately I’m not here to announce that I have cracked the pricing code either. Basically, as with most things, there are more factors at play than meet the eye when it comes to both website building and SEO.  It all boils down to what sort of business you are running and what you are looking to achieve from it. The cost of digital agency services mainly relies upon the size of your business, how much enquiry you require and how much time it will take to make this happen, simple as that.

DC Digital is a full service agency working with small to medium businesses. Meaning, that from the initial concept stage, through to the digital marketing SEO stage, I have you covered. You could however have something quite particular for your own website design in mind already, and in that case also I would love to hear about it and help you take it from an idea to a reality.

Taking consumer inquires in mind, I compiled a simplified list of offers above. For those people who have something in mind which you can’t see here, by all means get in contact and lets have a chat. Even in the event that you are designing your own web site, and simply need us to check your strategy is sound, we are happy to do that kind of thing also. 

What is Search Engine Optimisation in Simple Terms?

SEO, in plain english is getting your site visible on search engines. All works are conducted in accordance with current Google algorithms and updates. Which monthly spend you choose is purely a question of how fast you want to see results.

Unfortunately SEO is not simply a one off purchase for your business, which is a common belief. Better to think of search engine optimisation as a long term investment in your digital marketing survival. Just like servicing a race car, it needs to be maintained and up to date with evolving technologies if you expect it to stay winning the race.

Do not be seduced by companies offering to get you to page one in unrealistic time frames. While they may get you there as promised, your stay at the top may be short lived. Some digital agency or “internet cowboys” will use blackhat techniques that contravene Google policy just to get you there fast. Your online future is not their concern once the invoice is paid, so be aware of these “get to the top fast” scams.



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