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Transparent Site Building

10+ years building and teaching as we go, beautiful Wordpress websites with our clients. Designed so clients can access and customise their site after handover

Transparent SEO

We employ 100% Organic Search Engine Optimisation practices that get results. Learn the secrets of the pros, as we share the knowledge optimising your site

Personal Web Mentor

We mentor you through each step in the process, passing you the knowledge. Your own web PA, interpreting online language into terms we can both understand

Share in the Knowledge

Share in the Knowledge

DC Digital are unique in the industry for recognising the need for a transparent website building and SEO process. We pride ourselves on cutting through the confusion associated with numerous online specialists in the market. We share our knowledge as we progress with you, so if you decide it is time for us to part ways, you will possess the necessary skills to manage your own online presence with no further monetary investments. It is this sharing and mentoring service that sets us apart in the industry.

No business is Unique. We all want Success. We are all the Same.

No More Confusion


Transparent Web Marketing Services

“We will show you exactly how to maximise your online marketing efforts, increase profitability and better understand your audience”.

Business is forever evolving, and if you wish to stay on trend with your target market, so should your online presence be frequently evolving also. In order to do this we believe you must have full access to your website i.e. your web marketing services and updating potential. A website should be flexible in a way that you can quickly respond to shifts in the marketplace and communicate with your clients clearly and at a minimum of cost. Ensuring you have the capability to update your own website, is critical in managing your online budget. At DC Digital we build sites that you can access and edit, giving you complete control over your level of involvement and costs. Coupled with our mentoring service, you will possess more knowledge and understanding of your online business than ever before.

DC Digital specialise in building beautiful customised WordPress websites, catering for both business and personal use. All of our websites are built search engine optimisable (SEO) and social media capable. Please see our digital agency pricing below for a more detailed appraisal of costs. Note all work is designed to give you the very best results possible in todays market. Costs vary according to your company or personal requirements.

Some Web Marketing Build Examples


web marketing      web marketing      web marketing


The particular layout and presentation of your site will depend on the style and niche of your business. For example some businesses will require ecommerce integration whereas others are simply a referral type of site offering a service. Whichever style of layout you choose, future changes in your industry or your business should be considered. You want to be able to easily adjust and update your website with a minimum of cost if required in the future. At DC Digital we think giving you this ability to be in control of your site is very important, and its how we have gained the reputation for being a transparent and open web marketing services company that is great to work with.


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